Frick’s run for 8th District Democratic Party Chair stumbles due to arrest— Campaign stunted by communication issues

By Spencer Schneier, News Editor

Published in print Apr. 22, 2015


The Carolinian misreported that the crime committed was a chokehold. The official report only lists the crime as an “Assault – Domestic Violence.” The only “Weapons/Tools” listed are “Personal Weapons (hands, Feet).”   

Dylan Frick, president of UNCG College Democrats, was arrested Sunday, April 12 for an alleged assault, which was classified as domestic violence, in an off-campus residence.  During an interview with The Carolinian, Frick declined to comment on his arrest, instead choosing to focus on his campaign. 

The alleged victim declined to comment on the matter.

The case will be heard by a judge next Tuesday.

Frick is running for the first chair of the 8th Congressional District Democratic Party in North Carolina.  Antonio Blue, the current 8th Congressional District Chair, expressed surprise when The Carolinian asked about Frick’s candidacy. “I have no comment because I was unaware he was running,” said Blue.

According to the police report filed by the Greensboro Police Department, the alleged victim suffered minor injury. Frick was not under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the incident. The report indicates that no weapon was involved in the incident.

The 8th district is made predominantly of rural areas such as Lumberton, an area Frick has emphasized, but also includes urban Charlotte. It has been in its current form since January 2013.

Frick has been campaigning on his Facebook page, entitled “Dylan Frick for 8th District Chair.” As of this article printing, the page has 162 likes. Frick is a self-described advocate for LGBT rights, noting the inspiration he received from Janice Covington, who ran for state party chair. In 2013, he got elected to be the 3rd vice chair in the Congressional Party; the rule was that the person elected had to be someone under the age of 35. He was nominated and unanimously voted to be 3rd vice chair.

He explains that he believes the chair has not accomplished much and is in debt to the Attorney General’s Office, but he plans to change that.  “What I want to do is move around the district— get better communication throughout the district,” he explained.

He also wants to have at least one fundraiser in every county so that they can get some democratic contributors, and get democratic contributors from both red and blue areas.

He also wants to go around the district and do candidate-training sessions to teach people how to become a candidate and how to form a committee. He states that, “I’ve been assured by the biggest county so far that I have their support so I’m not that worried.” When asked how he thinks others will feel about how young he is he responded, “I do think some people are thrown off by how old I am, especially those that don’t know me.”

He wants to make sure that the congressional district as a whole follows the rules, saying, “I want to step in and say, ‘No, here are the rules; let’s follow the rules; let’s get things done right.”

“Lets work together and then we can get together and work against the real enemy, which are the Republicans,” said Frick.

Emily Bruzzo, Emnit Bierga and Maggie Young contributed reporting. 

Update: This arrest was expunged on 12/18/2017

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