Month: April 2016

Wiley day

Catie Byrne Features Editor Dubbed “Wiley Day,” on Saturday, April 23, the approximately 20 first-to-fifth grade students from Wiley Elementary School’s after-school program, African American Male Initiative, came to visit UNCG. Wiley Day Coordinator and UNCG senior, Jessica Twitchell, spoke… Read More ›

Leaving a Legacy

Harrison Phipps  Opinions Editor What is your legacy? What will your legacy be? Many are obsessed with trying to leave some form of impact on the world. Will we all be remembered equally, or will there be a select few… Read More ›

Ending Endings

Emily Bruzzo Editor-In-Chief You know, readers, there’s a feeling that I hope will never abandon me. Even when times are tough and life seems just a little bit too overwhelming, I hope I never lose the feeling of being in… Read More ›


Lauren Cherry         Editor I have put off writing this farewell for as long as humanly possible but alas printing time is quickly approaching so here it goes. My time here began here at the start of… Read More ›

Au Revoir, Carolinian

Mark Parent Opinion Editor In his breakthrough novel, “This Side of Paradise,” F. Scott Fitzgerald describes college as the golden years of a young man’s life. After all, it is during this time that friendships are forged, love is realized,… Read More ›