Daylight Savings Crime

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Krysten Heberly
Staff Writer

November is an eventful month filled with cornucopias, the joy of families and National Plan Your Epitaph Day. It also is that time of year in which we have to put up with sleep deprivation and general grumpiness because it’s time to “fall back” out of daylight savings time. It’s time to give up daylight saving time, as it is an outdated practice and no longer serves a purpose in modern society.

Daylight saving time became widespread in America during the second World War. As half of the population of America was at war, much of the homestead was at home working to supply the growing demand for supplies on the warfront. It was necessary to work more hours to provide enough food and material to win one of the biggest wars that had ever been fought. Yet once the war ended, we continued moving our clocks forwards and backwards regardless of the fact that we no longer needed to produce such hefty amounts of goods.

In fact, the only people who benefit from changing our clocks are monks and small farmers. Yet only around 5 percent of farmers are operating on a small, non-industrial level and there are even fewer monks currently operating in America. For most Americans, daylight saving is nothing more than a hassle each year and keeps us fixated on values which no longer constitute our nation.

We no longer operate in factory lines where workers lose fingers and toes without workers’ compensation. Robots now take over much of the factory work, which once would have been the duty of humans who would have benefited from an extra hour of daylight. We also have a greater access to artificial sources of light, meaning we are not as reliant on using daylight to assist our daily work.

Even more importantly, we no longer operate as an agrarian society. We are not operating any longer on Old McDonald’s farm where chickens run free, and there is one cow to support the family. Most American farms are indoor, industrialized machines. Meat farms aren’t even referred to as “farms,” rather opting for the term “concentrated feeding operations.” They are not run by the struggling families who sacrificed their spring crops to the warring troops, but rather massive corporate machines who can produce a great deal of food without the assistance of an extra hour in the morning or evening.

These ideals are the same ones which inspire us to continue eating meat as if it doesn’t harm the planet. They are the ideals which have influenced us to believe that summer vacation is beneficial for students, even though it’s proven that the summer only helps students if they are continuously reading throughout the break. Students no longer have to return to their family farms in order to help harvest crops to support their family, but rather are now in suburbs and cities rotting away in front of television sets due to old values.

We as a nation are stuck in values which no longer represent the world we live in. Technology has advanced faster than the world has ever seen in the previous hundred years, yet the way in which we process the world we live in has failed to keep up. We don’t need to operate in a way which assists in harvesting food, when the vast majority of Americans work in offices rather than in fields. We are working more hours every day, but no longer require sunlight to keep us working, rather opting for the cheap and efficient power of artificial light.
We have advanced far past the need for daylight saving time. While the timing of the sun may be important to backyard gardens and people who are especially keen on having an accurate astrology chart, it is not a necessity for the majority of our country anymore. We are no longer an agrarian society, but rather a society that specializes in technology. It’s time for our values to catch up with our society.

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  1. actually… is the urban population that insists on daylight savings time. They want longer hours in the afternoon to play after work. The small farmer abhors daylight savings time. Farming does not depend on the clock at all. In areas of heavy dew, daylight savings time forces the farmer to “delay” working the fields (think of hay) until much later in the morning, relatively speaking. Instead of being in the field by 9 am sun time, they are in the field at 10 am clock time. Dinner is now delayed by an hour, according to the clock.

    When we “fall back” in the fall, we actually get more sleep, not less. It’s the spring advance of the clock that cheats us out of an hour of sleep.

    We did not do daylight savings time between World War II and sometime around the mid-1960s. We lived on Standard Time. Somewhere along the way, the government genius determined that we could save lots of money on energy by shifting the clock by one hour. Not being a government genius, I have never really determined how that made a difference. That is now the prime reason given for the switch.

    Personally, i don’t really care which we do…Daylight Savings or Standard, but I hate the switch twice a year. How the government can determine that we get an extra hour of daylight by legislating the clock, i will never know. My dad used to say he could solve the energy crises by using the same logic. Just pass a law that no thermometer could register more than 75 degrees or less than 65 and we’d never have a need for heaters or air conditioners. Pass another law that declares all people are gray and we get rid of color prejudice. Smart man my dad was……..he could have been a government genius.


  2. I say, lets cue up some Judge Judy – and partake in some tasty BBQ!


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