Bryan Business School Goes International



Madison Hoffmann
News Editor

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is officially becoming the first school in the UNC system to implement a master’s degree in international business. The university received approval from the UNC system’s Board of Governors to add the program that is set to begin Fall of 2018.

The international business program has become another element added to the Bryan School of Business and Economics; the school now has twelve undergraduate programs, ten masters programs and three PhD programs.

“We feel we have a lot of strength in the international area,” said McRae Banks, dean of UNCG’s business school, in an interview with the News & Record. “As we continue to build it, it’s something we think we ultimately can be ranked in.”

According to the Bryan School’s website, “In an increasingly global world, understanding the global aspects of business is of utmost importance. International business majors learn how to analyze the international environment, understand different cultures and conduct business across countries.”

Students majoring in international business can expect their field of work to land in areas such as international markets, multinational corporations, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

A main difference students will experience in the international program compared to the normal business program is the extra need for experience with a foreign language and a study abroad expedition. The only two required classes for the major are Advanced Issues in International Business (MGT-304) and Operations and Environments in Foreign Jurisdiction (MGT-302).

MGT-304 is an online course focused on applying international business and management issues. According to Dr. Vas Taras, the professor who teaches MGT-304, the course is centered on the question, “What should I do and how should I do it?”

MGT-302 is centered on the study of international business environments from a managerial aspect, as well as practicing international business from the perspective of a foreign country. Students must also complete a business case challenge through the X-Culture project.

X-Culture was first launched in 2010 by Professor Taras as a program that brings students from UNCG and other universities around the world together in order to work on case studies and consulting projects. The program fosters international collaboration and helps students to solve cultural and language disputes that happen in global business.

There are roughly 6,000 students from 50 countries who participate in Project-X. Banks anticipates that many of the international business students will be students who take part in Project-X.

Recently the Bryan School has focused on the idea of globalization; adding the international business program has been another step in the expansion of this.

“I feel like adding the international business school will greatly benefit the school in being able to be better cultured. You have to know everything about business, as well as everything about another culture and language,” said Cienna Rideout, a business student at UNCG.

Full-time students should be able to complete the program in a year and part-time students will need two to three years. Two new business professors are expected to be hired for the new degree program.

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