“STAR” Is Back for a Third Season!


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Keia Harris
AE Editor

In September, FOX aired the third season of STAR, a show following a trio girl group based in Atlanta, and of course, we were all waiting to see the results of the many cliffhangers that ended season two. Last season, Lee Daniels had the audience asking who would be alive for the third season, as Alexandra Crane (played by Ryan Destiny) and Derek (played by Quincy Brown) were involved in a deadly plane crash, sisters Carlotta Brown (played by Queen Latifa) and Cassie Brown (played by Brandy Norwood) stood face to face ready to blow each others brains out and once again, Noah Brooks (played by Luke James) battled with drug addiction. With STAR’s track record, fans were prepared for anything to happen on season three.

During the first episode of season three, three months had passed and we discovered that no one actually dies from season two. Someone is at least seriously injured every season so this news was disappointing to say the least. Alex walks away from the plane crash without a scratch, but she’s obviously suffering from PTSD due to the dramatic event. The good news is her on-again-off-again boyfriend Derek and her are back together. At least she has someone to lean on during this traumatic experience. Oh, wait, nevermind, she hasn’t mentioned her flashbacks of the crash to anyone yet, let alone him. She’s back to hiding her emotions again. Let’s see how long their relationship lasts this season.

I had my suspicions that the show would kill off the character Cassie during her late night, kitchen table (yes, they were sitting at the kitchen table) shootout scene with Carlotta.  I mean let’s be real, how many of us actually expected Brandy to be a permanent character on the show? Queen Latifa is one of the main characters so it was obvious the directors wouldn’t kill the Queen. Unfortunately, STAR disappoints again, as we discover that no one dies in the shootout and the two sisters accidentally shot their mother, Christine (played by Patti LaBelle) instead. One poorly acted hospital visit later accompanied by a few fake tears from her daughters, mama Christine was back to her usual sassy self.

Noah ends up being talked out of a suicide mission on the top of a building by his long-lost father and decides to check himself into rehab, again. Is anyone else tired of Noah going back and forth to rehab? Although his storyline is realistic for drug addicts in the music industry, it would be nice for the writers to spice his character up a little. At this point, when Noah shows up in a scene I know it’s time for a restroom break. I know I won’t be missing anything exciting.

Episode two shows Cassie once again plotting revenge on sister, Carlotta. Is there something from their childhood I’m missing? Why is there so much unresolved hate between the two of them? Cassie even goes as far to tell her transgender niece, Cotton (played by Amiya Scott), that she will help her find out who killed her father. Let’s see how that scenario plays out for her later in the season. The youngest member of the trio singing group, Simone (played by Brittany O’ Grady) decides that she misses being home and wants to divorce her husband who is currently stuck in the Dominican Republic due to deportation laws.

Derek’s grandmother, Ruby (played by Juanitta Jennings) was viciously raped in her home late one night. This is an unexpected twist that was honestly difficult to watch. As she struggles to put the pieces of her life back together again she has a difficult time feeling safe saying, “I’ve lived here for 20 years. I’ve earned the right to feel safe in my own home.”

But there is some good news at the end of the tunnel! After two episodes of unnecessary drama accompanied by short musical numbers that seemed less than entertaining with very minimal dance numbers, we witness the musical scene, “Immaculate”. This Madonna inspired scene perfectly depicts the deviousness of Star and finally gives the audience some excitement. By the end of the episode, we find Star knocking on a mystery man’s door holding an ultrasound picture. Hunter (played by Chad James Buchanan) opened the door in shock. He seems nervous, which is to be expected but ends the scene with a pleasant smile.

Will Star and Hunter get back together for the sake of the baby? Will Ruby rise above that unforgettable night in her home? Will the show add a few more dance numbers or will we be bored out of our minds for the remainder of the season? We’ll have to keep watching every Wednesday of FOX at 9pm to find out.

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