Statement on former Editor in Chief, Ross Kiefer

We have recently been informed about the abhorrent sexual misconduct of former Carolinian Editor-In-Chief, Ross Kiefer. As a staff and as a community, The Carolinian does not condone these actions and we are deeply saddened that someone in a position of power, a person on our staff, has engaged in these acts. We have made the decision to remove all of Kiefer’s work from our website and all paper copies containing his work if ever distributed from now on will contain a disclaimer accompanying the piece. As Kiefer served as Editor-in-Chief, his fingerprints are on our paper. We are taking steps now and beginning in August when we meet as a staff again to account for this.

The Carolinian believes survivors. In a society written against the testimonies of sexual abuse, we stand in solidarity with those who have been silenced and erased. You have a voice here. Your voice and experience matters. 

All letters to the Editor and questions can be directed to


The Carolinian Editorial Board

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