Rick Leventhal Attacks Alec Baldwin with Halloween Costume

Maggie Collins

Senior Staff Writer

On the night of Halloween, Rick Leventhal dressed up like Alec Baldwin, the man who accidentally shot and killed a crew member and seriously injured another on the set of his new film. Leventhal has since defended himself for this action saying that he intended to offend no one besides “the jerk,” Alec Baldwin. Leventhal’s wife dressed up as a Native American and also claimed to not mean any “harm” in it. There has been a lot of controversy over these choices of costumes and the meaning behind them.  

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Alec Baldwin, age 63, has been in close to 90 movies and is a well known actor. In the accident involving Baldwin, while filming a scene for the movie “Rust,” Baldwin shot a live gun, hitting two people: Halyna Hutchins and Joel Souza. Halyna Hutchins, age 42, was the film’s director of photography and was killed on the scene after a shot to the chest. She was said to have been a ray of light for many and was always in an optimistic mood. She was a wife to Matthew Hutchins and a mother to her 9-year-old son. Joel Souza, age 48, was a director of the film and was shot in the collar bone area. He was rushed to the hospital and is currently recovering from the gunshot. 

Baldwin stated that he was told that he was being handed a gun that was not loaded, but it actually was. Police are investigating the accident to see who should be charged. However, there is a chance that Alec Baldwin could be charged with first-degree murder. There has been word going around of it possibly being the Weapon Master’s fault or that someone was sabotaging the crew of “Rust.”

Rick Leventhal has nothing but negative words to say about Alec Baldwin and sees this accident as nothing less than an error on Baldwin’s part. He chose to dress up as his “Rust” character for Halloween to humiliate Baldwin. In a picture of his costume, Leventhal is holding a gun and pretending to blow on it after just “shooting” the gun—another stab at Baldwin. 

Leventhal’s fans find it hard to believe he would find it logical or humorous to dress up as Baldwin when a husband and son are now left without their wife and mom. Fans have not only been attacking Leventhal for his costume, but his wife, Kelly Dodd, as well. Dodd dressed up as a Native American to “celebrate” her heritage, but many people are seeing it as something different. One fan pointed out that women do not wear a headdress in their culture, so it was disrespectful for her to do so. 

The nation seems to be split on the “accidental” shooting on the set of “Rust” involving Baldwin. In addition, people also have a difference of opinion over Rick Leventhal’s choice of Halloween costume. Some are seeing it as a careless act while others see it as a humorous outfit fitting for the holiday. 

All the controversy has only grown since Leventhal and his wife decided to join in on the action. Leventhal stated Baldwin deserves to get all the heat he is getting and that fans should be taking their anger out on Baldwin, not himself. Leventhal sees his action as nothing more than dressing up on a holiday as most everyone else in America did. 

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