New and Classic Movies to Watch This Valentine’s Day 

Maggie Collins

Senior Staff Writer

The season of love is quickly approaching and that calls for all the Rom-Coms or possibly not-so-romantic movies for some. Whatever your preference is, hopefully this article will remind you of a few good movies you can watch again or introduce new ones you anticipate watching. 

We will start with the classic film, “The Notebook.” “The Notebook” was released in 2004, but it is still a tear-jerker to this day. This movie has all the drama and romance that you could dream of. It starts with an older man in his daily routine of reading a story to a woman with dementia. The story is about a young couple, Noah and Allie, who fall in love but experience hardships created largely by their different social classes. They eventually lose connection when Allie is forced to move away to New York with her family. However, fate causes them to meet again when Noah enlists in the army and Allie works as an army nurse. Allie is forced to make decisions between Noah and another man she loves. “The Notebook” is available on HBO Max, Prime Video, and VUDU.

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Next, we have another classic, “Titanic.” Similar to “The Notebook,” this movie is filled with drama and romance, pulling at viewers’ heartstrings. “Titanic,” an even older movie released in 1997, allows you to get the romance and some action, as well as learning about a piece of history. The couple in this movie is Rose and Jack, who also face difficulties from being in different social classes. Rose is being forced to marry a man named Caledon, who is a complete snob. While on the ship, she gets overwhelmed with her emotions and attempts suicide off the side of the boat, but Jack comes to her rescue and pulls her down. From this moment, a spark is ignited and fed even when her family tries to keep them apart. Later on, to everyone’s surprise, the Titanic begins to sink and everything is thrown into chaos. They must fight for their lives and each other as this disaster takes place. “Titanic” is available to watch on many platforms including VUDU, Prime Video, Hulu, Google Play, and more.

For those who like more modern-day movies, there are two scheduled to release on February 10th and 11th. The first movie is “Marry Me” starring Jennifer Lopez as Kat and Owen Wilson as Charlie. Kat and another man named Bastian are a known power couple on social media who create a song that is hitting the top of all the charts. They plan to get married in front of an audience of their fans, but Kat finds out that Bastian cheated on her with her own assistant. The wedding turns into a complete disaster in front of everyone. All of a sudden she locks eyes with a man in the crowd, Charlie, and in the spur of the moment decides to marry him instead. You watch the journey unfold between two people who live very different lives. Will their relationship hold? “Marry Me” will be available on Peacock and in theaters on February 10th.

The second movie being released on February 11th is “I Want You Back” starring Charlie Day as Peter and Jenny Slate as Emma. This movie includes more comedy with a mix of romance, so it’s a good choice for those not wanting a gushy love story. Both Peter and Emma are in their thirties and have just been dumped by their significant others. They both happen to run into each other and discuss their fear of being alone. They both want their old relationships back and don’t want to think that they could truly be over. Therefore, they decide to team up and do anything needed to end their respective ex’s current relationships and to win them back. “I Want You Back” will be available to watch on Prime Video and in theaters on February 11th. 

Hopefully, one or more of these movies sparked your interest and you can start off the festivities of Valentine’s Day with some movies. Grab your significant other or pet, some popcorn, and enjoy the movies. Whether they stir up your emotions or make you laugh, movies are always a great way to welcome a holiday.

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