Covid-19, Russia & Ukraine, The United States of America

Brianna Martinez

Editor, News

The world as we know it is facing hard times right before our eyes. The news is filled with the latest updates about what is going on not only where we live, but all around the world. It is important to know that everything happening right now affects us all, and we must stand together during these dark times, and be a light for those who need it. 

So, here’s what’s really going on: the COVID-19 outbreak has become something controversial, the mask mandate has been lifted in some parts of the world, people are enraged and confused because they feel like they were set up and mandated to get a vaccine that really doesn’t work. The other half of the world still believes that COVID-19 is an ongoing sickness that is killing off mankind as we know it. 

Russia And Ukraine have officially entered a war zone together, with escalating tension between the two countries, and the first bomb set off by Russia. Ukraine is responding by gathering and sending out their own military forces. Starting last Thursday, Ukraine was attacked by Russian troops sent by the president of Russia, President Vladimir Putin. Ukraine was surrounded with Russian troops in every corner, as well as bombs being sent through the country of Ukraine, even the capital of Kyiv. The people of Ukraine are suffering, hurting and going through dark times. They are being killed and stripped away of their humanity. Now where does The United States of America fit in all of this? Well, President Joe Biden is actively responding to the attack of Russia on Ukraine by sending NATO to help the people of Ukraine during these troubling times. Ukraine and America have been NATO allies for a very long time; it also has been a very long time since NATO has been sent out, but now the time has come for them to step in and try to be the best possible support system for Ukraine and its people. 

It’s not easy to talk about these kinds of topics, that is for sure. But, it is important to raise awareness in every way possible because the truth is this is what is happening around the world, and there are cries for help going on everywhere. Being able to have some understanding of what is currently happening, and spreading compassion towards everyone is the most important during these times. 

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  1. It is 9:00PM on Wednesday, March 23. President Zelenskyy has asked everyone to stand in their squares tomorrow on the month anniversary of the war in Ukraine to support Ukraine. I am having a very hard time finding out if anything will be done about this tomorrow on your campus. Can someone please let me know?


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