A Netflix Movie Review: “The Adam Project”

Maggie Collins

Senior Staff Writer

The movie “The Adam Project,” starring Ryan Reynolds, was released earlier this month. It has not only been named one of the top 10 films on Netflix, but is also currently #1 in Movies Today on Netflix. The film encompasses comedy, the value of family, and love in a futuristic environment. You start off learning about Adam Reed, who just suddenly lost his dad the year before, is struggling in school and getting bullied and has a strained relationship with his mom. 

One night Adam walks into his garage to find a strange man who he eventually finds out is him from the future. This older Adam has come from a completely different universe that is in the future of the time that Adam is living in now. The future Adam is on a mission to discover why his wife strangely disappeared after a mission using time travel to go back to the past. While future Adam is in the past, he is being hunted by authorities from the future because he used the spaceship against orders while searching for his wife. 

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After a close call in a battle, the future Adam finds his wife, and you can immediately see the spark between them. They met in college and have loved each other ever since, but just after a little time together, a threat from back home caused danger. They were forced to leave each other with the possibility of never seeing each other again. 

Little Adam is a gamer, so he loves all the futuristic weapons and spaceships. He is constantly trying to learn about time travel from future Adam and how it all works. Throughout their journey, little Adam is able to learn about his future and what all it entails. Future Adam talks about the value of family and how important it is to spend time with the people you have while you still can. He talks about how the problems he is facing now will grow and change in the future. 

The future Adam also tries to help him with his bullying problems in school, but that doesn’t go so well and ends up with little Adam having a bloody face. They spend a lot of time together and end up having to go back in time to find their dad and ask some important questions. They become lost on what the next step should be and know their dad would know what to do.

This gives both of the boys an opportunity to make amends with their dad and make up for all the time they missed with him because of his sudden death. They require his help to try and stop the time travel that is  putting people in danger. Their dad is essentially the father of time travel so he knows the most about it. They end up in a fight for their lives to fix the mess that time travel has created. 

While I am not a huge fan of sci-fi movies, I really enjoyed this film. Throughout the movie, you were able to connect with the characters through their struggles and life stories. There was just the right amount of value in family and love, some good action and futuristic elements, and also some genuinely funny scenes. A lot of times there will be movies where half of the jokes just don’t seem funny enough to actually laugh at. However, I didn’t find one joke in this movie that was not funny and deserving of a laugh. 

I found this movie interesting because it led me to imagine myself meeting the future me and what questions I would ask. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is wanting a “feel-good movie” that gives you some good laughs and reminds you of how valuable the people around you are.

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