The Best Places To Watch A Game In Greensboro

Tripp Hurd
Staff Writer

Football is firmly back in swing, and has returned to the minds of students as they try to hold on to what’s left of their G.P.A. It’s so tempting, after sleeping in on a Fall Sunday, to throw on your favorite team gear and head to a sports bar to get lost in a sea of enemy jerseys.

That opportunity presents itself at sports bars every Sunday at 1 p.m. when NFL teams kickoff across the country. Here in Greensboro, there is a decent selection of places scattered throughout town that carry the NFL’s Sunday Ticket, allowing patrons to watch any NFL team instead of being forced into the local broadcast. Afterall, a person can only take watching the Panthers for so long.

While everyone’s opinions may differ, there are a few spots in Greensboro that stick out as great venues for taking in the action on Sundays. So if you’re going to venture out and find a new spot, here a few recommendations.

Old Town Draught House is one of the best bets for those with transportation issues. Located right in the heart of UNCG’S campus on Spring Garden Street, students can make the trek to the campus favorite in a matter of minutes. Old Town has Sunday Ticket, and this is a nice place to have a relaxing day and enjoy good food and drinks in a laid back atmosphere that never seems to get too rowdy. The Old Town pretzels are a great starter, and you can’t go wrong with the Chicken Philly, either. Even if it’s not a Sunday, this is always a good place to stop in and grab a quick bite.

As many students are well aware, Jake’s Billiards is always a good time. The fans at Jake’s tend to be a bit more on the vocal side. Nobody holds back their opinion on what’s going on with the games, and the best advice we can give is not to become annoyed, but rather to join in. The food here is another winner. The wings are expensive but worth it, with a large selection of flavors to accompany the game-day madness. There are also a few pool tables and other games that you can squeeze in during halftime or between NFL matchups.

Within walking distance of Jake’s is the famous laundromat/bar/petting zoo called Suds N Duds. They have everything. You can do your laundry, bring your dog, play pool, play ping-pong,and watch all the games on about a dozen TVs. For a laundromat, it’s not all that clean, but that just adds to the character of the place. They don’t serve food, so swing into the Bestway across the street and grab something to snack on.

A lesser known spot for UNCG students would be the Speakeasy Tavern, which has good food for a bar, as well as affordable bar specials each night of the week. There’s a Dolphins fan who wears an orange wig and saddles up at the bar each and every Sunday to watch his surprising Fins, which are off to an undefeated start. Don’t speak to him or you will never get rid of him—the same way you can’t get rid of a dog after petting it.

It’s going to be an older crowd, but that will happen the farther you venture out from campus. After the 4 p.m. games finish up, you can find live music on the patio, and shortly after that, Speakeasy holds its weekly Trivia Night.

As refund checks begin to dwindle down in your bank account, it may not be feasible to go out on the town every Sunday, as it tends to get expensive, but it’s worth a shot to see what the city has to offer for sports-watching. There are certainly more choices that won’t make the list that offer a bigger venue with tons of TVs, but they do lack the atmosphere that you will find in the smaller bars. Do yourself a favor and go check out a couple of these spots before the season is over.

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