Since 1919, The Carolinian has functioned as a weekly newspaper that distributes each Wednesday during the traditional academic year. The all-student content reflects the diversity of the 20,000+ students of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. You can find us all over the UNCG campus and off campus in select locations on Tate and Spring Garden Streets.


Editorial Staff

Maggie Kelly, Publisher


Katie Beeman, Editor-in-Chief


Aliyah Gibbs, Opinions Editor

Hannah Hall, Arts & Entertainment Editor


Hannah Larson, Features Editor

Brianna Martinez, News Editor


Instagram: brimrtx

twitter: @brimrtz

Brayden Stamps, Sports Editor

Hannah Hall – Social Media Manager


Kristina Bowers, Copy Editor

Senior Staff Writers

Jessica Agbemavor

Maggie Collins

Karina Davison

Jazz Johnson

Avery Skipper

Sydney Thompson

Parker Truesdale

Staff Writers

Kate McCrea

Veronica Glover


Molly Lawler

Corban Mills

Kevin Six


CC Kallam

Additional Staff

Jennifer Feather, Faculty Advisor


Terry Kennedy, Faculty Advisor



The Carolinian is a teaching newspaper that is organized and produced by students of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. It is our objective to teach young writers journalistic skills, while emphasizing the importance of honesty and integrity in campus media.

Office Location

Our offices are located in the Elliot University Center, room 236.

Corrections Policy

The Carolinian never knowingly publishes any mistakes. Please promptly notify us of any errors by e-mailing the Editor-in-Chief at thecarolinianeditors@gmail.com. Corrections will be published in subsequent issues of The Carolinian

UNCG media affiliates

WUAG 103.1 FM:


The Coraddi: 


6 replies

  1. I like the print version, haven’t seen any this year — still doing them? If so, where to pick up? Used to get them at the Rec Ctr and TSCH.


  2. How do you submit a letter to the editor?


  3. Are paid writing jobs available at the Carolinian?


  4. What kind of ink do you use to print your newspapers?


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