Justice for DACA

Lorenzo Pedro Guest Contributor As we move toward the possibility of another government shutdown, you’ve probably heard a great deal about a program known as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). DACA was instituted in 2012, and allowed young undocumented… Read More ›

A Full Student Life

Kassandra Travis Staff Writer Throughout my entire college enrollment, I have often been gazed at in amazement for my busy schedule. Working full-time and taking a full-time load of college classes is no joke, and many people recognize that. Many… Read More ›

Me Too is the New Black

Courtney Cordoza Staff Writer Recently, allegations of sexual assault have been placed at the forefront of our media viewing, most notably in the mainstream entertainment industry. The trend of revealing sexual assault allegations in Hollywood raises a huge concern about… Read More ›

25 Words on Love

Sarah Grace Goolden: Love is not something you’ll find on a generic Valentine’s Day card; it’s when he lets me eat his fries even though I said I wasn’t hungry. Patrick O’Connell: Love is not the grand force of destiny… Read More ›

Genetics: The Clone Wars

Krysten Heberly Opinions Editor On Jan. 24, two monkeys were successfully cloned by a team of geneticists in Shanghai. They were created using the same method which produced the infamous “Dolly” the sheep, which was previously thought to be impossible… Read More ›