Human Interest

How to Save a Life

Catie Byrne Features Editor On Nov. 3, the Greensboro Police Department was called on the scene of an emergency at the intersection of Aycock Street and West Gate City Boulevard. A man, later identified as Todd Smith, was bleeding from… Read More ›

Participating in Privilege

Olivia Tarpley Staff Writer From Wednesday to Friday, the Office of Intercultural Engagement presented, “The House of Privilege.” Tamika Smith, a junior Psychology Major and a Student Coordinator of Peer Education at the Office of Intercultural Engagement, said, “This program… Read More ›

The Big Lie

Benjamin Pulgar-Guzman Staff Writer People bustled into the EUC Auditorium on Thursday, as the man of the hour, Dinesh D’Souza, prepared backstage. Thunderous applause filled the air along with a sense of pride and comfort as many in the audience,… Read More ›

Unity 5k Run

Curtis Hoffman Staff Writer UNCG hosted the beginning of the Unity 5k run Saturday on College Ave. The 5k was designed to raise money for the Islamic Center of the Triad Refugees Committee and ICT Homeless Shelter Project. The mission… Read More ›