Andrew Oliver

The Storied Repeal of HB2

Andrew Oliver    Staff Writer Thankfully, Governor Roy Cooper and the state’s legislature have repealed House Bill 2, the infamous “Bathroom Bill,” which stated that transgender individuals had to use the bathroom which coincided with the gender on their birth… Read More ›

The Case for a Living Wage

Andrew Oliver Staff Writer The argument for a living wage has been at the forefront of policy discussions and debates in recent years, and with plenty of controversy. In addition to strong opposition from many large businesses and corporations, those… Read More ›

RBG in Review

Andrew Oliver   Staff Writer The current popularity of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is something that, for many, seems baffling. In a world where the most popular voices are almost always the loudest, it appears strange that the… Read More ›

Islamophobia in 2017

Andrew Oliver Staff Writer No matter who or where you ask, Islamophobia will be a serious issue. Whether it’s those who actually fear Muslim people in America and abroad, or those who believe it’s an irrational phenomenon that needs to… Read More ›