A walking tour of Dublin

Molly Ashline   Staff Writer he eighth chapter of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” begins, “Pineapple rock, lemon platt, butter scotch, a sugarsticky girl, shovelling scoopfuls of creams for a Christian brother.” Also begins the famous journey of the main character, Leopold… Read More ›

Asian Autumn Festival

Molly Ashline   Staff Writer In stark contrast to the deserted and dreary weather last Saturday, the atmosphere in the Elliot University Center (EUC) buzzed. It also kicked and thumped. It trilled and munched.  At times, it even danced. This… Read More ›

Slave deeds exhibit

Logan Curry  Staff Writer Upon entering the International Civil Rights Museum, one may not realize that they are walking on the history which forever changed the course of America. The Woolworth store was the site of four brazen African American… Read More ›