Car crashes into UNCG clock tower outside of Jackson Library

By Rebecca Harrelson, Staff Writer

Published in print Sept. 3, 2014

On Thursday August 28 a white Buick Park Avenue crashed into the clock tower in front of the library and spirit rock.

The white male in his 40’s driving the car was highly intoxicated reports say.

The car came from the EUC Library area, rolled in front of the library did not slow speed and crashed into the clock tower.

It is still unknown as to what direction the car actually emerged, but the trajectory of the crash shows the car definitely came from the EUC area, not the bus circle.

There is speculation that the Buick came from the College Ave side of campus, proceeded through the EUC/Library underpass and came towards the tower.

Luke Roosje, and Andrew Burnette who were standing at the scene after the area was cleaned up, spoke on the matter. “Firefighters, police, EMC they all came out, he couldn’t open his door they had to break it open” one of the men said.

“He was absolutely gone, and it wasn’t even five o’clock yet,” Burnette said.

They said the entire event took about 20 minutes to happen and get cleaned up. The guy emerged from his car with alcohol in his possession.

The students proceeded to show the “selfies” they took with the car in the background.

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