Farmer Brown

By Emilie McQueen, Staff Writer

Published in print Sept. 3, 2014

If anyone cares for a slice of Redneck Romano Cheese, or a bottle of Moonshiner’s Hot Sauce, Farmer Brown’s food truck is conveniently located beside the majestic Minerva each Monday and Thursday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the afternoon.

Not only does Farmer Brown’s provisions offer a plethora of organic vegetables, but also a lovely lady named Andrea Mowry who stands outside and offers free samples of some of the delicious products.

For students who have not seen this delightful treat on UNCG’s campus, don’t worry because they are here to stay a while. They hope to change the way students eat, and they do in fact accept flex.

Farmer Brown’s Provisions is a mobile farmers market managed by Susan Brown that travels across the Triad to share products from farmers who range from 150 and 50 miles within the area.

The only produce that does not fall into this range are the peaches, which are from the neighboring state of South Carolina, as North Carolina is not known to to grow peaches.

Some of the suppliers are local and one, Loaf Bakery, is actually from downtown Greensboro.

Some vendors provide truly unique tastes such as Eastern Carolina Organics and Ashe County Cheese, who strives to emphasize a 95 percent organic base behind all of their goods.

All of the vendors with Farmer Brown’s Provisions pride themselves on selling products that have low pesticides and absolutely no GMO’s.

Kevin Shropshire, who works with Farmer Brown’s expressed that, “Ultimately, we want to make a difference by creating an opportunity for students here to eat healthy and continue doing so after purchasing or trying our products.”

By accepting flex money, and basically all other forms of payment except American Express credit cards, Farmer Brown’s Provisions attempts to spark an interest in those who pass by the truck on a busy afternoon.

“Farmer Brown” has created a network with a wide range of his farmer friends to connect us as a community with delectable food choices that are actually good for us too.

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