SGA discusses elections and student concerns

By Andrea Picou, Staff Writer

Published in print Sept. 24, 2014

Attorney General Brittany Whitlow announced to the SGA that the majority of conduct violations the previous period were mostly alcohol and disturbing the peace. She also reminded students to stay aware of and follow the alcohol policies.

The Current Concerns Committee Chair told senators, “We talk a big game, but we need to do what we say we’re going to do.”

One initiative she is working on is to have senators stationed at Walker Circle to talk to commuter students about their concerns. They will be out at the circle on Wednesday, September 24.

Brittany Archie, the elections chair, gave a rundown of the elections process. She told the audience that candidate interest meetings would be held within the next few days.

Instead of a mass email, the Elections Committee will be disseminating information through student senators. When asked about the nominations process Archie responded, “The nominations process doesn’t exist this time, it fell through.”

When asked about the change in process, Archie said that “The elections process has not changed.” The Fall 2014 Student Government Elections timeline does specify that from September 10 through the 15, the plan was to “Contact the student body and inform them of available positions,” and “Nominations begin via email.” There are positions open for Freshman, Junior, Senior, Commuter, At-Large, College of Arts and Sciences and Bryan School senators.

The allocations process for student groups has begun and Cameron Davis, the Finance Chair, announced that allocations packets are due in the coming days and Allocations Legislation will be ready October 8.

Antonisha Floyd, the Legislative Committee Chair told the senators, “I would like one piece of legislation from each group, as well as 24 pieces of effective legislation for the whole year.” “The Legislation Committee doesn’t use all of their finances,” and mentioned throwing a party as an incentive to pass legislation. She also announced a drive to help homeless people make it through the winter.

The Secretary of Academic Affairs, Brenna Barnett, gave a full report. She is a part of the Student Fee Committee and Provost Advisory Committee which are meant to give students a voice in administrative and financial decisions.

She is also a member of SLACC, the Student Library Advisory Council and asked the senators for suggestions to improve the library. They replied with requests for healthier snack options, better lighting for students walking home at night, more express computers and better regulated quiet floors.

Barnett also asked senators about issues they’ve had with advising. The consensus was that students would like more specific information on when certain classes are offered, a more personal advising experience and overall clearer communication on the process of selecting and registering for classes.

The senators passed a motion to hold a financial literacy workshop on Thursday, October 16 at 7 p.m.

During the senate forum, senators voice concerns on behalf of the student body. During the forum senators discussed ways to better publicize SGA actions, like a film project or social media campaign. Asia Evans mentioned that the language in a recent safety notification on sexual assault was problematic. She reported, “a lot of my female constituents were a little infuriated because there were a lot of tips saying don’t get raped, instead of telling guys not to rape.”

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