SGA senators voice student concerns

By Andrea Picou, Staff Writer

Published in print Oct. 1, 2014

The SGA held their weekly meeting on Tuesday, September 26.

Joseph Graham is running for Vice President unopposed. He is currently the Secretary of Community Affairs and spoke to the student body about his ideas and potential initiatives.

Graham told the students, “it is imperative that we are as transparent as possible when interacting with a wide range of student organizations, especially when it comes to our allocations process.”

Graham emphasized SGA’s involvement in the student body, especially in student organizations. He said to the audience, “I have very high but reasonable expectations this year.”

Joshua Zolnierowicz spoke during the student forum. He announced that he is running for Freshman Senator and told the SGA that some students were concerned with the lack of lighting at the volleyball courts.

The Constitutional Revision Committee spoke next. All students running for office and all students not in the SGA had to leave the meeting while they presented.

President Simone Stephens gave her report, updating the student body on initiatives that she is working on.

Four delegates from UNCG’s SGA will be attending the Association of Student Governments. All 17 UNC Institutions are working on voter registration and a campaign to address sexual assault on campuses.

Stephens announced that there is an initiative trying to get bus service downtown extended to  nights and weekends. “Most schools in our system have a party bus,” she explained, “The goal is to reduce tickets and feeling the need to drink and drive.”

It could either be a HEAT bus schedule extension or a service provided by UNCG.

“Strangers to Neighbors” is a discussion on October 6, planned by the Committee for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. This is a reaction to the vandalism in the African American Studies Section in Jackson Library.

Two students wrote a number of racial slurs and the phrase “White power”  across books and fixtures in the  library. The goal of this is “to discuss and develop meaningful ways to break down cross cultural differences and break down walls that separate us from each other.”

A forum for discussing a possible additional fee to support the Green Fund is happening soon, but the date and location is still in the works.

The forum is to get student feedback on an additional fee that would go towards sustainable projects, like improving our access to renewable energy.

Stephens concluded her report with, “Congratulations to Joseph, obviously he’s running unopposed. He is an amazing candidate.”

Brittany Hudson , the Chair Pro Tempore, told the body “I know SGA’s been kind of rocky this year,” and opened the floor for Senators to give their suggestions on improving the SGA. 

A desire for a closer more intimate group was clear with senator suggestions for a smaller meeting space and opportunities to get to know each other socially.

The Elections Chair, Brittany Archie, announced that voting was beginning on Thursday the 25th. Newly elected SGA members will attend their first meeting on the 30th.

SGA spent a portion of time choosing their nomination for Homecoming King and Queen. 

The floor was opened for nominations, and members were encouraged to choose someone to nominate, then the person would accept or deny. The person who nominated them then spoke on why the nominee deserved to be in Homecoming Court. The SGA voted and decided on Antonisha Floyd and Dillon Tyler for their Queen and King.

During Senate forum, the senators brought student body concerns to the table. Christopher McCoy expressed that some, “believe that SGA doesn’t represent the entire body,” and is not very transparent.

Virginia Greene, the Senator representing the School of Music Theatre and Dance informed the SGA on the lack of practice rooms and told the body that students had resorted to practicing in stairwells and bathrooms.

The Student Organizations Senator, Alisha Pittman, has been visiting student organization meetings and reported the concerns.

Pittman said many complained that, “people will go like right outside the building to smoke” and mentioned faculty specifically. She also reported that students would like to see a HEAT bus schedule at the bus stops and that the students were very appreciative of her coming. She told the SGA that they need to be more visible and that students do recognize when they come out.

A number of the senators agreed that the “swipe” to-go meals are poor quality and not worth the swipe.

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