Student Library Advisory Council aims to help students

By Michaela Cleveland, Staff Writer

Published in print Sept. 24, 2014

Since 2007, the Student Libraries Advisory Council has been working to close the gap between students and their on-campus library.

“I think students knowing how their library works is crucial,” said Kathryn Crowe, adviser for SLAC. “It’s one of our missions for all students to be able to select and use information correctly.

SLAC helps students with this and exposes them to all the resources that the library has to offer.”

SLAC was recognized on campus as a student organization just last year. “The purpose is to serve as a link between students and their libraries to see what their needs are,” said Crowe.

Crowe said, “Many of the new things that are implemented come from student requests like the 24/5 hours in the library, more quiet areas, furniture we should buy, allowing food in the library and the ability to rent out a floor in the library for studying with friends or groups. We have a suggestion box and a place on the web page to submit suggestions and we can respond to them.”

The student organization does more than take suggestions from students. Throughout the school year SLAC hosts several programs and events that particularly cater to the needs of students.

“Our big expo is still in the planning stages,” said Orolando Duffus, Diversity Resident and Co-adviser of SLAC.

Duffus said, “It’s a multicultural expo and we’re aiming to have it in January. We also host programs such as ‘Know Your Library’ which we’ve done for the past two years. This program is designed to help students, particularly freshman and transfers, get acquainted with their library and learn about some of the things that we have to offer.”

The expo will be held in the library along with other organizations on campus including the Multicultural Office and QEP.

The goal of this event is to inform students about the different organizations on campus and how they are working to improve student lives in a cultural sense. “We wanted to show that unity among organizations because that is one of UNCGs main initiatives, diversity. So with this expo, we hope that students will realize that SLAC really supports this goal for UNCG and is working to showcase it,” said Duffus.

SLAC often collaborates with other student organizations on campus. These events tie into the mission of the student organization.

Crowe said, “We sponsor ‘Adopt-A-Floor’ where student organizations can rent a floor and have bulletin board space to publicize for upcoming events that they’re having or anything like that. In return they are responsible for cleaning up the floor during that month and making sure that it remains a clean space to study.”

Currently, SLAC feels they have had great success with informing students about features in the library and other resources on campus.

Duffus stated, “There’s a lot of elements of the university that people don’t know how to use or simply don’t see.”

Duffus continued, “Since the library is the central hub of the university and so many people use it, I think it’s important that at least students know their way around.”

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