Target Rush

By Mary Windsor, Staff Writer

Published in print Aug. 27, 2014

For one night every year, , Target opens its door to university students after hours.

UNCG’s Rawkin’ Welcome Week included a multitude of fun and exciting activities held around campus.

One of the most popular and anticipated event was the “Target After Hours Event”.

This event has been occurring for four years now, when Target Corp. proposed this special offer to engage with college students to promote the store as a shopping destination.

It allowed students the opportunity to visit Target between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. and shop with the store all to themselves.

Target Store Team Leader, Rhonda Stevens, who led the event, said that the Target of Lawndale and UNCG were one of only 16 stores in the region to participate in the event.

Target hosted, led and organized this entire event for students with the help of many willing volunteers and energetic employee team members.

Several charter buses shuttled students from campus to Target and back.

Along with scoring great deals, Target handed out goody bags at the exit doors, and held raffles and giveaways throughout the night.

The atmosphere at Target Wednesday night was filled with the excitement of being at a store after closing hours and being surrounded by so many fellow students.

There was music blasting throughout the building on a boom box trolley, along with a dance floor located in the middle of the store that held many dance-offs and choreographed dances (Cha-cha slide, anyone?).

Not only did Target open its doors to students, but it also offered many free samples of products and activities for them to participate in throughout the store.

There was a mini frame photo booth, one-minute caricature drawings, and even Bullseye (the Target mascot), came out to dance, take pictures, and interact with the crowd.

  Many of the volunteers were UNCG students who found out about the Target Rush through an email sent this summer or through prominent figures in the university.

Tara Reese, a sophomore, volunteered at the BIC Activation Station, where students had one minute to draw a picture of a friend with BIC Markers.

“My favorite part is seeing everyone come out and being involved,” said Reese, when asked what her favorite part of volunteering Wednesday night was. “[It’s] being in the center of everything happening and being apart of the excitement and rush.”

Jordan Greene, an        energetic senior, was a friendly      face in a sea of people.

“It’s an opportunity to interact with the students and see them smile and being the one to make them smile,” said Greene.

“It’s actually my second year volunteering. I loved it so much last year that I’m doing it again.”

Over 2,000 were estimated to have taken part in this event.

Stevens claimed they had planned for 1,300 and considered Wednesday night a huge success for the company and for UNCG students.

She said the night ran very smoothly, exceeded expectations and was pleased with the preparation and recovery of the store.

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