UNCG students rally on EUC lawn for Ferguson

Quinn Hunter/The Carolinian

Quinn Hunter/The Carolinian

By Astrid Hacker, Staff Writer

Published in print Sept. 3, 2014

“As a society I feel that we are truly moving backwards in the issue of race. Too many of us have stopped fighting! Its time to take a stand.”

Alyson Swann, a UNCG student made this statement last Tuesday afternoon as she and several other UNCG students gathered together to rally for an event called Ferguson, Missouri and Justice for Michael Brown.

With all of the events surrounding Michael Browns killing, student organizers came together to host a rally.

Students were surveyed on how often they believe police racially profile, 1 being never and 10 being always. Out of all of the students surveyed the answers ranged from seven to ten.

Mallory Allison however found it difficult to answer this question. She stated, “Its hard now not to racially profile. We all do it, just more are vocal about it.” She went on to say that she doesn’t believe that this generation will ever see true racial equality.

Allison’s views mirrored many of the students that were surveyed, however some stated that though we may not see it in our generation they remain hopeful for that of the coming generations.

Dillon Tyler, one of the organizers of the rally stated, “As we’ve heard, the young inherit the revolution. We’ve witnessed today that when walls are turned on their sides they become bridges.” Macy Brittingham, one of the speakers, spoke to this effect when she stated that she would not specify her social justice and that we shouldn’t either. “I would rather be someone who fights and someone who has a passion and fights for something than someone who sits there and watches my world dissolve into pieces.” Brittingham promoted the idea of being passionate about several issues, one of her focuses being the many faces of privilege she believes are present every day.

As the students listened to the many speakers, occasionally stopping to participate in the afternoon’s chants, there is no mistaking the passion charged atmosphere.

Frances Lundy, a mother from California, praised the students for coming together for something bigger than any one individual. She reminisced on the civil rights protests of the past as she stated, “Martin Luther King didn’t say I want to be like you he said I just want you to leave me alone when I walk down the street.”

There was an urge for students not to let their voices on the issue of inequality die with the end of the rally.

One student, Kendra Woodfolk, told students not to forget that UNCG is not new to voicing opinions about civil rights.

She reminded students that UNCG students sat at Woolworth’s counter alongside A&T students in protest to the racial inequalities of the time so today should not be any different.

When asked to express his thoughts on seeing the multicolored crowd of student supporters rallying for unity and equality, Organizer Dillan Tyler stated, “Our young, no matter where they come from have to continue this beautiful action and agitate the systems that be: oppression and abuse.”

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