UNCG to open new course within the History and Religious studies dept.

By Rebecca Harrelson, Staff Writer

Published in print Sept. 10, 2014

Dr. Eger a UNCG History professor and Dr. Krueger a UNCG Religious Studies professor are starting a study abroad course for Spring 2015.

The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students, and there will be an embedded Honors section, if one is a part of the Honors College.

Dr. Krueger was passionate about this class and this opportunity during the interest meeting last week.

“I think Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and most interesting cities in the world,” said Dr. Krueger.

Dr. Krueger said, “I first went there when I was 23, and it shaped my career as a student and scholar.  As a professor who teaches about of Byzantine Christian culture and religion, I’ve always wanted to take students to see some of my favorite churches–and my favorite mosques.”

The course explores Constantinople from Byzantine to Ottoman times through its monuments and topography, understanding the relationships of Christianity and Islam within the city.

By using a visual tour in the classroom to study churches and mosques, the class will be educated once they stand upon the actual landmarks.

Drawing from academics, history, religion, art, architecture and urban planning Dr. Krueger and Dr. Eger harness all these qualities to teach their prospective students the ins and outs of this subject.

All students must be enrolled in Religion 503/History 514- From Constantinople to Istanbul, Monday and Wednesday from 2:00-3:15 p.m. during the Spring 2015 semester.

The program costs is around $3300. This fee includes accommodation, breakfast and lunch in Turkey, two dinners, ground transportation, travel insurance and all museum and archaeological site entrance fees.

A welcome dinner and a traditional Turkish farewell dinner are both included in the program. Students will be on their own in the evenings, able to explore or rest. Students who are eligible for financial aid may be able to apply this to the costs. Students majoring in Religious Studies or Philosophy or in the Honors College students may be eligible for additional scholarships.

There is an application process for enrollment which is due September 19 located on the study abroad website.

Once the application has been sent, you have a casual interview with Dr. Eger and Dr. Krueger. October 1 is when the list of 20 students are told if they have been approved.

Dr. Eger expands on his personal connection to the city by stating, “I have been passing through Istanbul for the last fourteen years, sometimes staying a few days, a few weeks, or even a year, and it remains the most entrancing city I have ever been to.”

To understand modern Istanbul, you have to experience the city through its past and monuments. Like parallel cityscapes, the topography of the Byzantine and Ottoman city flickers in and out of view constantly, so much so it becomes difficult to disentangle; the past and present worlds weaving together as part of a single experience. I am thrilled to have the chance to share these histories with our students. There is no substitute for the living classroom and with Istanbul as both the subject and setting, the experience will be a sensory overload.

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