UNCG’s new police building set to open next month

By Astrid Hacker, Staff Writer

Published in print Sept. 17, 2014

After what has taken years of planning, the new UNCG police station is set to open its doors within the next month.

To be specific, the building will be furnished during the beginning of October with the police equipment following shortly after on October 20.

James Herring, UNCG’s Chief of Police gave The Carolinian a tour of both the old and new facilities in order to give a better understanding of why he thinks this new police station is necessary.

UNCGPD is currently housed in three different buildings that border campus.

The first of these buildings, which sits on the corner of Spring Garden and Tate was established in 1987, houses the communications department, which is where the dispatch services are held.

The other two buildings are dedicated to Administration & Field Operations and finally Investigation and Support Services. Each of these buildings has been transformed from their previously intended use to house the department in what are currently extremely close quarters.

The new facility will come complete with what Herring described as the most essential need, all three locations combined into one building along with state of the art equipment.

Herring stated that (ADW), an architectural firm based out of Charlotte, was hired because of how well they were attuned to the needs of the officers.

Herring also emphasized the department’s involvement in the planning of this new $10 million project.

Upon completion this new facility will be tailor made to fit the needs of each of the individuals that it will house, which is expected to total sixty-seven.

The building will include a chancellor’s conference room along with an emergency management center that will provide a more equitable meeting space for the individuals that handle crisis situations.

On a more basic level the new facility will include a K-9 kennel, locker rooms for the officers and an armory where guns will be both cleaned and repaired on site.

Herring mentioned that one of the most burdensome tasks has been having to go downtown to meet with a magistrate.

The new facility will give officers access to video conference the magistrate which will allow them to meet without leaving the building, saving a lot of time on both ends.

The building will be open to the public from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to assist anyone with questions or individuals reporting lost or stolen goods.

Over all Herring expressed that this new location will help the officers provide top of the line service to students at a location that has been designated for police work, where the current buildings are not.

Herring stated, “This building means that our officers finally have a facility that matches the quality of service that they provide for our students.”

Herring went on to express his excitement for the accreditation he hopes to have gained, from (CALEA) the Commission on the Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies, by this time next year.

Herring said that this accreditation will serve as international recognition of meeting professionalism within their facility.

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