Faces of UNCG, Tim Martin

By Rebecca Harrelson, Staff Writer

Published in print Sept.24, 2014

Tim Martin is always a smiling face waiting to see how UNCG students are doing. Martin started working for       UNCG in 2006, part time driving in the evening, and then he quickly moved into a full time position.

“Students always have funny stories to tell, whether it is about the dating scene, one of their professors or a recent party,” said Martin. “It is always entertaining when a student sees me conversing with someone they find ‘intriguing’ and they will ask me later, ‘who was that?’ Next thing I know, they are on my bus all dressed up wanting an introduction. Of course I could tell some really funny stories, but I am bound by ‘driver-student privilege.”

Martin often feels the need to give fatherly guidance, he explained that many students are away from home for the first time, and regardless of if students like to admit it or not, they miss the guidance and comfort home offers.

“I see many students faced with challenges who rise above those challenges to make that grade they were working hard for or when they reach their graduation milestone,” said Martin. “They keep me young, hip and on my toes.”

Martin stresses the importance of a maintaining a connection between students and those who work for UNCG.

“If the students don’t feel a part of the university or feel like we care, then we have lost,” said Martin. “I strive to meet everyone with a smile, a warm hello. Sometimes just those few words are the door students need to share how things are going for them.”

Martin believes that something as simple as driving a bus of diverse students around can bring the upmost happiness.

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