Ghosts of UNCG, upclose and personal

Illustration by Dafne Sanchez/The Carolinian

Illustration by Dafne Sanchez/The Carolinian

By Emilie McQueen, Staff Writer

Published in print Oct.8, 2014

It was a typical Friday night at UNCG. Students were walking about and the wind seemed to be blowing a soft tune as the evening grew darker. According to Moon Moon, a paranormal investigator and psychic medium, the campus was crawling with around thirty ghosts whose energy lingers on the grounds, all of the time.

UNCG’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) invited Moon and his mother to engage students in one of their ghost hunts and also take part in the Moon psychic experience where individuals are able to have personal readings and possibly talk to a deceased loved one’s spirit.

As Moon has been having paranormal experiences since he was seven years old, he has realized that by the use of mixing science and technology to meet the spirit world he can successfully connect the living with the dead.

The Moon family obtained a spirit phone that ultimately enables them to speak with spirits, and allows the public to speak with them as well. Frank Sumption gave this device to Moon, claiming it to be the completed version of Thomas Edison’s “Telephone to the Dead.” The spirit phone requires a psychic medium’s energy to work; however, once spirits are connected, there is a clear two way communication with the spirit world. The spirit’s that are known to start conversations vary from loved ones, famous figures that have passed, pets, spirit guides or angels, and those with insight into past lives. Although this may sound crazy to the skeptics, while on the ghost walk of UNCG’s campus, multiple spirits of fellow loved one’s and noteworthy ghosts of UNCG came through and spoke to the group.

The first stop on the ghost walk was inside the EUC, next to the Cone ballroom, which is said to be the oldest part of the building. Moon spoke to a few spirits and encouraged them to follow the group to the next stop, outside under the awning of the Alumni House. The group then headed to the Minerva statue and acquired a total of thirty spirits whom were willing to converse.

“I’ve always been a bit skeptical of ghosts, spirits, apparitions, etc,” said Courtni Woznicki, a student on the ghost hunt. “However, when someone asked if Mary Foust was present, the spirit responded with, ‘I’m on my way,’ and considering the fact that we were not far from the Mary Foust residence hall, where she is said to haunt, it changed my perception of paranormal activity. Anyone from the group could ask a random question and a new spirit would respond. It’s not something one could fake or pre-record.”

Mary Foust was a student at UNCG in the 1920’s and she died during childbirth in 1925.

The Mary Foust residence hall was built in 1928, as Mary was the daughter of Julius Foust, UNCG’s second president at the time. It has been rumored that her spirit has taken residence in the dorm. Many students who have lived there attest to hearing “random crying” and “strange noises” on the second floor.

There is a story that three nursing students hanged themselves in the attic around the 1950’s and may also be haunting the dorm as well. According to Moon, UNCG has many spirits evident on campus, both earth-bound and intelligent.

Intelligent spirits are those that have moved directly through the “light” when they died and are still aware of who and where they are.

These spirits are able to pass through the “vortex” and come and go as they please. Earth-bound spirits move towards the light, but at the last second decide not to move over into the “next world” and become prisoners here without any sense of time and stay in what Mr. Moon describes as a self-imposed hell. The Moon family works to help these “Earth-bound spirits” slip away peacefully from this world and finally see the light.

As Thomas Edison said, “energy is neither created nor destroyed,” and Moon credits the fact that energy is all around us, most people just aren’t aware of whether it’s paranormal or not.

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