One Man’s Path to Homecoming King

By Emilie McQueen, Staff Writer

Published in print Oct.29, 2014

Traveling all the way from Lagos, Nigeria, Dickson Ibeh-Kingsley finally found a comfortable place to call home at UNCG.

Living in four different countries in Africa and attending North Carolina A&T State University before finding his pathway to UNCG, Kingsley never truly felt the same essence of kinship and opportunity as he experiences here at UNCG.

“As a transfer student, I struggled with finding my place,” said Dickson. “But UNCG just feels like home to me and I have become very involved in our community.”

Dickson is a part of a variety of organizations, activities and programs here at UNCG. He is the President of the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. In regards to the OLSL program, he is a Peer Leadership Educator, a LeaderShape On-Site Coordinator and a LeaderShape Graduate.

Also, he is one of the few chosen to be a Study Abroad and Advising Intern for the Bryan Undergraduate Student Services and a Student Conduct Advisor for the Dean of Students Office. And if all of that wasn’t impressive enough, he is also a Desk Assistant for Housing and Residence Life.

Kingsley takes part in many jobs in the EUC including the role of Info Desk Manager, Facility Manager, Box Office HR Manager and Box Office Sales Associate. Furthermore, Dickson is additionally a nominee for this year’s Homecoming King.

“I gained so much pride in being a Spartan during the 2012 Homecoming festivities when I had the honor of being the student speaker at the Quad Re-dedication Ceremony,” said Kingsley. “I was able to see the bond that the Alumnus have with this great university and that was when I realized that my major goal is to leave my mark at UNCG.”

Not only does Kingsley’s drive to excel push him to do his best, but his mother is his core inspiration.

After struggling and working so hard to get to America for a chance at a better life for her children, she symbolizes motivation and strength for Kingsley and he wishes nothing more but to mirror what she taught him.

Aside from his accomplishments, Dickson deeply cares about enhancing the lives of each Spartan and acting as a leader for all.

By learning adaptability, patience, fairness and professionalism, he believes that one can stand as a mentor for the student body.

“My advice to the overall student body would be to acknowledge the fact that it’s okay to be uncomfortable. As leaders, we sometimes have to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. We learn and grow from those uncomfortable moments because only then are we being stretched and challenged, sometimes both mentally and physically.”

Dickson Ibeh-Kingsley is the epitome of the quintessential Spartan.

He has risen above the struggles and societal influences that once may have held him down, and ultimately came out on top. As most people know him as “Kingsley,” it’s appropriate that he declares his stance on his nomination as Homecoming King.

“I have a passion for UNCG and it’s students and my understanding of the student body is well rounded,” said Kingsley. “I have promoted a positive relationship among the diverse population through my involvement at UNCG and I am eager to grow with and witness growth within our community, and I’m very fortunate for my experiences at this wonderful university.”

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