Reifschneider’s career, one of memory

Quinn Hunter/the Carolinian

Quinn Hunter/the Carolinian

Aaron Reifschneider in his last game for UNCG recorded one shot on goal and one shot attempt

By Brandon Boyer, Staff Writer

Published in print Nov 18. 2014

As the UNCG Men’s soccer season comes to an unsatisfying close and the darkness of night begins to dominate the hours of the day, one Spartan is saying good-bye to UNC-Greensboro after five fantastic years with the team.

Aaron Reifschneider, a redshirted Senior Business Administration major, burst on to the Southern Conference soccer scene with outstanding performances in his first three years as a Spartan.

In 2010, during his freshman year, Reifschneider was named to the Southern Conference All-Freshman and All-Tournament team as a defender, tallying one goal and six assists in 21 appearances.

With injury souring the end of his Sophomore season in 2011, the North Carolina-born, Texas native came back with a vengeance in 2012, being named as a preseason All-Southern Conference selection and solidifying his place on the Spartans’ defensive front.

A major injury saw Reifschneider miss all of his senior season in 2013 which caused him to be placed on the redshirt list for the year.

This year saw Reifschneider dominate in his final year being clad in blue and gold.

A defensive mainstay and a constant long ball threat to defenses, Reifschneider played in 18 out of 20 matches this season and guided the Spartans to a 5-4-1 record in conference play.

I interviewed the graduating men’s soccer player to garner some insight into his time at UNC-Greensboro, his favorite moments, and a discussion of what his future would be as he played his last game for the Blue and Gold over the weekend.

Brandon Boyer: With two assists during your Homecoming match-up against the Virginia Military Institute, you helped push your team to the win.

What was it like out there during Homecoming?

Aaron Reifschneider:  I knew it would be an emotional game for me and I didn’t want those emotions to ruin my last home game, so I made myself a goal to focus.

My goal was to make sure that I played with the same stress free love that I played with when I was a child.

I wanted to stay relaxed and just enjoy playing the sport I love with the people I love.

BB: How did you think this season went, as a whole?

AR: We started the season off in terrible fashion but, like this old saying goes: “It’s not about how you start. It’s about how you finish.”

Heading into the Southern Conference tournament, we have been playing our best soccer of the year so it is a bit too early to call the entire season a failure or success.

BB: What was the most important step for you in coming back to the team after missing the 2013 season?

AR: Being out for a year changed my entire perspective of not only the game, but of life in general.

I did a lot of growing over that time and I wanted to make sure that when I came back; I could pass along some of my wisdom and knowledge to the younger players.

BB: As your collegiate career comes to a close, what have you enjoyed most playing here with UNC-Greensboro?

AR: The thing that I’ have enjoyed the most about playing here at UNCG, specifically, is the stadium.

You would be hard pressed to find another collegiate soccer stadium anywhere in the country of the same quality as ours.

From the pristine grass to the tower of seating, you feel like a professional every time you step onto the field.

BB: As a business administration major, what are your plans for your post-collegiate career?

AR: I would like to get some work experience under my belt before heading back to get my MBA.

BB: Will you be doing anything in the world of soccer once you graduate?

AR:  I hope to always keep my hand in the world of soccer.

I love the game and I cannot ever picture myself without it.

Hopefully one day my business degree and passion for soccer will cross paths.

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