By Ayana Bessard, Staff Writer

Published in print Dec 3, 2014.

Here’s a riddle: It’s a social network, it’s used on your phone, the logo is a ghost, and if you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss the message.

Give up? I’m talking about Snapchat here.

Snapchat is a quick efficient source of communication. It allows users to record a ten second video or take a picture and either send it to a friend or post it to “My Story” allowing all of their followers to view it.

The best and most fun part about snapchat is that users are only allowed to view the “snaps” once.

So if you’re not paying attention, well…that just sucks for you.

According to expandedramblings.com Snapchat seems to be the newest trend in social media with over 100 million users as of August 2014. That’s impressive considering the app launched in September of 2011.

With this social media’s communication style being based on pictures and graphics, it’s not surprising that the same website states that 70 percent of Snapchat’s users are women.

It just gives the ladies another place to post 101 selfies a day.

And there are so many different kinds of selfies, such as: the “I woke up like this selfie,” the “I’m ready for class selfie,” the “bored in class selfie,” the “I hate my hair like this but I’m still going to post a selfie,” and, of course, the “I don’t remember taking this last night selfie.”

While these selfies are definitely a great source of entertainment, they sometimes tend to be pointless. I could be studying, then I find myself taking a “study break” selfie for Snapchat.

Although the photos and quick videos from Snapchat users are extremely successful at informing followers what’s going on at that exact point in time, from my experience, many of the things posted are just another way to show people what you have or what you’re doing.

That could be great, especially if you’re doing something positive, or something exciting that people would really be interested in.

But there’s also the concern with the fact that some people just overdo it.

I’m sure none of my followers care that I’m on a study break, that I just woke up, or that I’m bored in class.

Once again, the upside to social media overload on Snapchat is that even if one of your followers decides to literally post one hundred selfies that day, you don’t have to view them. You’re able to skip any picture or video posted to someone’s story, you’re only allowed to view it once and it’s only available for a 24-hour period.

We all have friends who abuse their social networks but Snapchat’s features make the random, pointless and sometimes even disturbing snaps acceptable. The creators of Snapchat have to be fed up with the narcissistic social media users that share way too much information with others. 

A lot of people also love Snapchat because it allows you to be as private or as public as you want to be, except for the “best friend” feature. You can send a snap to someone, and no one will ever know, or see it; especially because it can only be viewed once. 

On the other hand, you can let that creepy stalker know that you have no intentions of responding to them. Snapchat shows you all of the people who have viewed the updates to your story, so you can see who actually cares about what you do on a day-to-day basis.

Best of all, Snapchat notifies you when someone has taken a screenshot of your snap.

Overall, Snapchat is quick, allowing users to instantly see what you are doing through photo or video. They are also allowed to reply and have conversations, but also ensures the privacy of the conversation between two people. Although Snapchat doesn’t seem to be as formal or professional as other social medias, it’s definitely at it’s peak with social interaction.

If used strategically, Snapchat can also become an efficient form of communication from businesses and organizations to the public. 

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