The whistle of intramural basketball eager for new season

Quinn Hunter/The Carolinian

Quinn Hunter/The Carolinian

By Daniel Johnson, Staff Writer

Published in print Jan. 28, 2015

This Monday, the Rec Center will kick off its annual intramural basketball season.

In this association of basketball and college students, roommates and best friends come together to form super teams to compete against other similarly constructed teams.

In intramurals, co-workers and classmates, who perhaps rarely spoke outside of their respective office space, forage through their office cubicles and classrooms to strap together a motley crew in order to seek intramural glory.

People, who play more basketball with their controllers in NBA 2k than actually touching a basketball are getting to the courts to practice anytime they are out of class. Former athletes who played high school ball, dip into their old playbooks for their intramural  teams.

Teammates argue and decide on jerseys and more specifically, what number to choose.

Teams are preparing for the glory of victory, and the agony of getting the stuffing beat out of them by that stupid fraternity team that practices all year, throw each other precise alley oops and play isolation ball when leading by 30 by the end of the first half.

But I digress.

The intramural basketball season is about to kick off with teams competing every week from now to the end of February.

However, we never talk about the team that competes in every game, the officiating team.

Over the past weeks, while basketball teams have been practicing for the season, a batch of university students have gone through training to referee the games.

This includes understanding the ins and outs of the rule book, endurance to run up and down the court, and practice games where exhibition games are put on so that the ref in training can get in court training before the start of the season.

Last Thursday, I witnessed one of these training sessions for the referees.

Aside seeing one team dominate another, I spoke with one of the refs.

While some students ref for the fun, a paycheck, to put on a resume, or for some other reason, Brandon Murr, a senior at the university, looks at his current job as a stepping stone to the top of something even greater. Murr discussed about his career in officiating.

“I officiate for a couple different conferences, but I enjoy refereeing intramurals in order to stay fresh” he said.

Brandon went more in depth about his officiating profession and what he wants to do with the extra experience.

“Hopefully I can pursue a career in officiating and take the experience and qualities I have learn to be a good ref.”

At the same time however, Brandon enjoys intramural officiating because of the escape from classrooms and lectures, something many students who get into intramurals enjoy about the league.

Murr discussed this when questioned how training and officiating games will affect his schoolwork.

“For the most part, I have been able to keep my school work together and intact” he replied.

“But I enjoy having an escape, and that is what intramural officiating does for me.”

As someone who had been up and down the court before in the intensity of basketball games, Brandon was not worried at all about the upcoming season.

His experience has even rubbed off on many of the trainees who will be officiating for the first time in their careers.

“For the most part, some of the guys are a little younger and have less experience, but there is no reason for yourself to not come out and start officiating” Brandon said.

“UNCG has been a great experience and I am glad a lot of these new guys are coming out and being able to do this”.

He finished off the interview with explaining the privilege of officiating these games.

“I really like the aspect of going out there and being part of the sport by making sure the games are being officiated correctly.”

With referees such as Brandon officiating the games played, players competing should be confident to receive a well-officiated game.

The season is just now tipping off this week, and students should make sure to attend some of the games which will be played throughout the evening from Monday through Wednesday.


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