Photos courtesy of Sterling Evans

Photos courtesy of Sterling Evans

By Cassandra Hardman, Staff Writer

Published in print Mar. 25, 2015

Greensboro artist and UNC-Greensboro senior Sterling Evans said that it wasn’t until he got to college that he started taking his music seriously. Sterling, who refers to himself as Large Sevan when rapping, says he first started rapping when he was 15 years old. “We’d just use the digital media lab at Warren New Tech – that’s where I went to high school,” Sterling said.

Sterling and a friend, another local rapper, DomIsG, used their high school computer lab and recorded Sterling’s first freestyle over an instrumental of N.E.R.D’s song “Spaz”. “At that moment that’s when I thought I might can do something with this,” said Sterling.

In high school Sterling and his friends formed a rap group, D.T.N., but as college came they all went their separate ways, still individually growing and working on their own music. He says occasionally they still do tracks together and will always support one another. While focusing on his school studies at UNCG, where he’s majoring in Information Systems and Operations Management and taking on other responsibilities, Sterling says he still always finds ways to continuously work on his music.”I have at least 300 freestyles on my phone,” Sterling said.

Sterling performing at a recent Spartan Showcase.

Sterling performing at a recent Spartan Showcase.

In 2013 Sterling released his first project titled “Sevo Genesis”, which he says he recorded in the closet of his home with just his Macbook and blue Yeti microphone. His second project, “93.Large: The E.P.” was recorded in the studio with help from other UNCG and A&T students. “For the second project I was going for a different vibe – a 1993 vibe but still me,” Sterling said.

Sterling draws his inspiration from various artists. He named rapper Key! as one of the most influential to him in the last few years, along with Pharrell, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar and of course N.E.R.D.

Sterling says he thinks his time in the music world isn’t for another few years, but he’s going to continue to build his music even after graduation while he plans on working.

In the meantime, Sterling says we can look forward to his next project “Sevanth Heaven” which he plans on dropping this upcoming summer. His previous music is still available to listen and download now via Soundcloud, Livemixtapes and his website, LargeSevan.com. You can also expect a video release mid April to his single “FOURS,” from “93.Large”.

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  1. Keep reaching and soaring son!! Im so proud of you!!


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