N.C. General Assembly names 16 new Board of Governors members

Spencer Schneier, Staff Writer

The North Carolina General Assembly elected 16 members of the 32-member Board of Governors this past week, the News and Observer reports.

The Senate’s appointees included seven Republicans and one Democrat, and the House’s appointees included seven Republicans and a member who is not politically affiliated.

The appointments include nine new members, who will be joining the legislative body of the UNC System. The UNC Board of Governors has recently come under fire for the closing of three university centers, including the UNC Center for Poverty, Work, and Opportunity.

The Board of Governors has been accused by many of politicizing the process.

One nominee for a position, who did not get elected, talked to The Carolinian about his desire to serve on the board. Todd Johnson, an insurance agent for Johnson Insurance Management, said, “As a 2000 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I am a product of our public university system.”

He continued, saying, “My education from UNC-CH has afforded me many opportunities and prepared me to be a successful small business owner.”

The News and Observer noted that among the elected nominees, many had made campaign donations to Republican candidates. The total donations of each individual reported ranged from $15 thousand to $216 thousand.

The elected members did not respond to The Carolinian’s requests for comment.

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