Egg Hunt

By Mary Windsor, Staff Writer

Published in print Apr. 1, 2015

Nothing says spring quite like an Easter egg hunt filled with pastel colored eggs, candies and treats.

Despite chilly weather conditions, children of all ages turned up for High Points City Lake’s Easter egg hunt this past Saturday.

The park was filled with funnel cake trucks, cotton candy machines, hot chocolate vendors and deep fried Oreo’s.

Along with special demonstrations from the fire department and Macon’s Martial Arts, the park also had a train, carousel, mini golf and outdoor park open for the public.

A normal Easter egg hunt consists of hiding small pastel colored eggs among tall grass, behind a tree or under a log, but this one was unusual, as the eggs were not hidden at all. There were three different egg hunts for different ages (3-12 years of age) to ensure safety for the children.

In a fenced in area, where children stood behind roped boundaries, the eggs were thrown carelessly into a field by workers as children watched and waited for their time to run into the arena and grab them.

It was like a scene straight from “The Hunger Games” as time was called and children ran into the field, baskets in tow, to collect all the eggs they could. All the children had their own egg baskets, anywhere from a purple weaved basket to a bright orange plastic pumpkin left over from Halloween.

While waiting in line, the children had a chance to meet the Easter Bunny. Aiysha Davis, a local 3rd grader, was excited about posing with the giant bunny.

“I have a pet bunny at home and I know they’re friends— the Easter bunny and my bunny,” said Davis.

The event and the parks facilities were free for all visitors, while the food vendors and craft tables on site charged a small fee.

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