Faculty Senate

By Spencer Schneier, Staff Writer

Published in print Apr. 8, 2015

Last Wednesday, UNCG Faculty Senate met to discuss a myriad of topics, with Dr. Dana Dunn speaking for the first time as acting chancellor.

The meeting opened with Dunn proclaiming that a website titled “UNCG Clean House” is “doing great harm” to the university.

She accused the proprietors of the website of committing cyber-bullying, which in North Carolina is considered a committable state crime.

It is unclear whether she has taken action to try and reprimand whomever is overseeing the website.

She also noted that a prospective faculty member rescinded an employment opportunity because their wife found the website, and expressed concern for the safety of their family.

Dunn also claimed that students are fearful of the website, but failed to cite any specific examples.

Senate Bill-593 came up in Dunn’s address, and she proclaimed that the bill did not appear to be garnering much support. She noted the presence of multiple UNC-Greensboro administrative staff members to lobby the bill.

The bill would require professors to lecture eight courses per academic year, or else they would face a salary reduction depending on their course load. Many have suggested this would hurt the UNC system’s ability to attract top faculty, but proponents of the bill suggest that it would improve the quality of education for students system-wide.

Dunn also alluded to a temporary 1.25 percent cut to the budget, which has, of late, added to the already present anxiety many UNCG administrators feel about the permanent 2.0 percent cut that will be implemented next academic year.

Dunn noted that the extra revenues collected from an increase in enrollment numbers would cover the 1.25 percent cut.

The Faculty Senate debated a resolution pertaining to post-tenure review, failing to reach any particular agreement on a resolution that has been tabled, due to disagreements about language, several times.  There appeared to be much discord and frustration with the process and language in the bill.

Also featured were some reports from various committees, including the Budget Committee, Student Learning Enhancement Committee and the Values Committee.

After these presentations, as well as a presentation detailing a new assessment for critical thinking capabilities of UNCG students and faculty, the senate opened the floor for new business.

Elizabeth Keathley, a faculty senator and a professor of music, gave a speech criticising the chancellor search committee for, what she says, has been a lack of transparency. She noted that the Faculty Senate had voted to make it a transparent process, and that their wishes had been ignored by the search committee.

At the resolution of her speech, she asked members of the Faculty Senate to stand in support of her remarks, and 20 members of the Faculty Senate stood in solidarity with Keathley. This was more than half of the members present.

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