Puppies come to UNCG

By Catie Byrne, Staff Writer

Published in print Apr. 8, 2015

Beginning at noon April 1, UNCG fraternity members of Lambda Chi Alpha held a two-day Puppy Sit in the Fountain Area of Moran Commons.

The commotion began as a crowd of students huddled near a circular pin began making excited baby noises April 1 at Moran Commons, the sound of puppies barking filled the air for Lambda Chi Alpha’s bi-annual Puppy Sit.

While not quite as bustling as last semester’s Puppy Sit, it was impossible to miss Lambda Chi Alpha’s large sign outside the cafeteria, the crowd it drew and the two wriggling, excited puppies, Sarge and Abbot. This excitement was met equally by students gathering to temporarily forget finals-induced stress, sit down and pet the rambunctious puppies.

Inside the circular puppy pen, after several hours being played with in the hot sun, Abbot, a Labrador mix, was fast asleep. Sarge, a green-bandanna-clad Dutch Shepherd mix, half-way splayed out in the sun and under a tent, started to close his eyes and slowly fall asleep.

People continued to pet Sarge as the afternoon sun warmed until he was completely asleep and still enough to pose for pictures.

Woody Crutchfield, Lambda Chi Alpha President, said of the sleepy puppies, “You can’t tell now, but Abbot is very chill and Sarge is a little more wild. This is a good opportunity for people to see their personalities. They’re both fairly young and adoptable, about a year old, so our hope is for people to see Abbot and Sarge and consider adopting other shelter dogs.”

Crutchfield continued that it was good that they got enough attention to be tired out, because, “They don’t get much attention in the shelter.”

While a therapeutic experience for both the puppies and students, Crutchfield reminded onlookers of the purpose of the Puppy Sit. “We do the Puppy Sit every semester to raise awareness for shelter adoption.”

Standing beside a table of donation cards, Crutchfield and other Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity volunteers asked people to either give personal donations or to fill out information cards that donate 50 cents per card to the Alamance-Burlington Animal Shelter from their sponsors Kaplan Test Prep and The Grove apartments.

When asked whether or not Lambda Chi Alpha personally benefits from any donations, Crutchfield clarified that, “All money raised goes to the Alamance-Burlington Animal Shelter.”

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