Sigma Phi Epsilon hosts 16th Annual Volleyball Classic

By Daniel Johnson, Staff Writer

Published in print Apr. 22, 2015

If you were walking on campus this week, you might have been given a bright, lime-green sheet of paper. Following a week of cloudy skies and rainy days, last Saturday saw the 16th Annual Sigma Phi Epsilon Volleyball Classic on the outdoor volleyball courts behind Moore/Strong on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

With a motley crew of students from the fraternity, past and present, the Volleyball Club, and students who just wanted to participate, the tournament’s proceedings and donations were to be given to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

At the event, I talked to Michael L. Cauley, the programming head of Sigma Phi Epsilon who put the event together. Cauley talked about the tradition of the Volleyball Classic.

“This is our sixteenth one, and each year it gets bigger and bigger, so next year, I hope it goes that way,” Cauley said.

Cauley also described the fraternity’s relationship with the community, Big Brothers Big Sister and other charities around Greensboro.

“Just for this event, we have raised around 1,000 dollars and we got everyone shirts, food and drinks,” he said.

“We like to do good for the community like Big Brothers Big Sisters, and for other things around the community,” Cauley added. “We are still a social fraternity and like to have fun, but still do good for the community.”

Alumni Houston Sade, also a member of the fraternity, explained the key components for members who are in Sigma Phi Epsilon.

“We make everyone maintains there good grades, be involved on campus and support the community around UNCG.”

As the afternoon and volleyball continued, the President of Sigma Phi Epsilon, junior Ryan Davison went into more details about the fraternity’s ties to community projects.

“We do local projects like helping out the Guilford County animal shelter,” he talked about.

“We also do adopt a road that we do in Greensboro and other philanthropy projects.”

He also talked about some of the negative beliefs of frat life, such as hazing.

“It is definitely a problem, but things like this help out with this belief,” he said.

“We are not just about partying and hazing. We are raising thousands of dollars at this tournament for a good cause,” he concluded.

With the tournament winding down, raffle tickets winners being announced, and someone’s dog running up and down the area, I caught up with three students who had competed in the tournament. Though not in a sorority, two of the girls had been a part of previous Sigma Phi Epsilon events.

“This is my second or third time doing something with Sig Ep. I have done some stuff with the Charlotte campus,” said Sabrina Hernandez.

“This is my third time,” replied Brianna Salmon.

The Volleyball Classic has become a tradition for the fraternity and the school itself, going strong after more than a decade and a half.

And after a talking to participants and organizers of the tournament, who all come from different perspectives, one thing that can almost be totally agreed upon, they all enjoy playing volleyball and cannot wait for next year’s tournament.

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