Fleet Feet prepares students to get healthy at Rec Center

Photo courtesy of Kevin Dooley/ Flickr

Photo courtesy of Kevin Dooley/ Flickr

Kenny Mann
  Staff Writer

Being active is a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle, and UNC-Greensboro has just begun an awesome way to get you on the right track. UNCG has teamed up with Fleet Feet to put together a program to help anyone get in shape and learn vital skills about living a healthy lifestyle. The program is called “No Boundaries: Learn to Run” and it is put together by Fleet Feet, which is located in Greensboro and High Point.

The Fleet Feet organization is a running and fitness store, as well as a place where people who want to learn more about getting in shape and running can go to get professional help and guidance. No Boundaries has a simple goal of getting people active and teaching people how to be physically fit. Fleet Feet is partnering up with UNCG’s Rec Center to hold the No Boundaries program to help students get in shape and to be able to run in the Homecoming 5k race on October 17. No Boundaries is a ten week long program that will last slightly past the Homecoming race. It only costs $50 to join, and what you will gain from it is worth way more than that.

The program, which began on Monday, will be taking place on campus in the recreational center at UNCG, and can really help students who want to get in shape and want to learn how to do so. I spoke with Marcus Thompson, who is the fitness coordinator at the Rec Center, about the No Boundaries program, as Thompson helped organized the event.

“The program is designed for any beginner runner, and anyone who wants to learn to run” Thompson explained.

After talking to Marcus and doing my own research on the program, it seems like the perfect start for anybody who would like to get themselves into better shape. Today, people are becoming less and less active, but Fleet Feet would like to change that. It is a beginner training program and is perfect for anybody, from the most seasoned runner to someone who does not have a large history of running.

For some people, the process of getting in shape can seem daunting, and may not know where to start. A program like this would be perfect for you. Students who choose to participate will not only learn proper running techniques, but will also learn nutritional techniques, and injury prevention as long-term lessons.

Students will also have another important factor in this program, a support group. “A group atmosphere gives motivation to the other people” Thompson said. “It helps people push past their limits.”

Having a group who is going through the same thing as you can be very beneficial. It is very easy to give up when you work out alone, but when you have other people there pushing you and motivating you, it makes it easier to continue and work hard. Knowing that you are surrounded by people who have the same goal in mind will allow you to exceed your normal limits. Lack of motivation and support can be crippling in a person’s journey for physical fitness. With this program, there will be no limit on the amount of motivation and support.

If any of you have ever wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, here is your chance to start. The running instructor of the program will guide and help anyone who wants to learn how to make healthy decisions for their lifestyle, as well as how to properly train for a 5k race. The No Boundaries: Learn to Run program is designed for beginners, and will challenge you to push yourself. Also, along with learning about fitness, you will be able to accomplish a rewarding goal by the end of it the season. You will be able to say that you ran a 5k race which is a great achievement.

Fleet Feet and UNCG are really putting together something great for UNCG students that is very important in today’s society. While some people are choosing to not be active, they are challenging you to break that trend. It is a great opportunity to prove to yourself, and your friends that you can live an active and healthy lifestyle.

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