HQ Greensboro

HQ Greensboro hopes to provide entrepeneurs with resources and helpful technology, such as the 3-D printer shown above.

HQ Greensboro hopes to provide entrepeneurs with resources and helpful technology, such as the 3-D printer shown above.

 Trinity Draughn
    Staff Writer

Last Wednesday HQ Greensboro, a new entrepreneurial organization, welcomed numerous guests to its grand opening event.

This collaboration with HQ Raleigh has been designed with the intent of providing beginning and existing entrepreneurs with a flexible, affordable and high-tech work environment. The organization will officially open on Sept. 1.

HQ Greensboro plans on facilitating a trusted working environment and supplying access to numerous resources. The new organization will provide amenities such as high-definition video conferencing and high-speed wireless fiber optic internet, with spaces available at an affordable cost. It will also include an 80-inch touchscreen computer.

The goal is to take some of the load and cost off of starting a business.

This modern space was built from the ground up and was constructed in a space owned and operated by Andy Zimmerman, a local entrepreneur who showed great enthusiasm at the event. He thanked many, including Councilwoman Nancy Hoffman, a member of Greensboro’s City Council.

Zimmerman stressed the importance of creativity and inspiration, saying the workspace has been an on-going process for close to three-years and the entire “dream team,” as Zimmerman referred to it, expressed great joy about successfully launching the project. This “dream team” includes: Ken Causey, April Harris and Ryan Barry, all who were named by Zimmerman in his speech.

Zimmerman said about the space’s design that the goal was to maintain the older rustic look while simultaneously having the modern feel, which was apparent from the finished wood paired with modern furniture and technology.

HQ Greensboro believes that work environment impacts one’s ability to grow one’s business.

Jason Widen of HQ Raleigh assisted with this collaboration by helping license the concept and provide the “playbook.” He stressed that there are three areas this organization will need in order to maintain success: the right team, a cool space and a good community.

“The success of HQ Greensboro will live and die with the community,” Widen said. He stressed that he feels Greensboro is the perfect home for such success.

Intern Sara Kellog shared her experiences so far and gave insight into the idea of a co-working space for the nomadic-independent.

Kellog focused on the environment’s diverse specialties and how they are providing a variety of outside knowledge and resources to the entrepreneurs leasing. She also mentioned that it would be a space to provide the needed resources to those with extraordinary ideas but not enough money. She expressed her excitement about the future of HQ Greensboro.

HQ Greensboro shares a block downtown with The Forge, a maker-space that includes a variety of tools including technology such as a 3D printer. Both spaces are owned by Zimmerman, and because of that there are dual memberships and many expressed excitement over the possibility of collaboration.

One option for entrepreneurs is to subscribe to what is called a dual membership, a plan that costs $300 a month. With this, members gain unlimited access to their workshop to utilize tools and space as needed. The dual-membership consists of several benefits, including HQ meeting rooms and access.

Co-founder April Harris later addressed guests and said she was excited about this entrepreneurial movement and described it as a “kinship.”

She noted the neighborhood space was open for new ideas, new members and any way to “make business happen.” She said she is looking forward to the activities planned for the future and continued the common thread about combining business and increasing collaboration.

Harris also spoke about the location of HQ Greensboro, saying that it is not only in the heart of Greensboro but it is also located on the same railroad track that leads straight to the HQ Raleigh, linking both by a “short train ride.”

HQ Greensboro allows for the rising entrepreneurs at the new ThinkHouse project to have access to a free dual-membership, which includes access to The Forge.

HQ claimed that 75 percent of the work-space has already been leased.

HQ founders are certain the remainder of the space will be leased by the official opening, which is Sept. 1.

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