Eduroam to become UNCG’s Wireless Network



Spencer Schneier
    News Editor

UNC-Greensboro Information Technology Services (ITS) announced in August that it would be switching the campus over from the current UNCG-Faculty-Staff-Student network to eduroam, which is an international network for the education and research communities.

Eduroam, which is short for Education Roaming, has been available on campus since Jan. 1, 2015, but it will become the primary provider this fall.

Students can sign into the network using the same credentials that they use to access the Faculty-Staff-Student network, and ITS suggested students should configure their internet-connected devices for eduroam in order to avoid interruptions.

ITS notes that there is an iOS and Android app that will allow students to find eduroam hotspots using their phone’s GPS. These hotspots can be found at various other educational or research facilities. Eighteen percent of eduroam’s users are from colleges and universities, according to a statistic on their website.

The Technician recently reported that N.C. State will be converting its campus to eduroam as well.

ITS notes on its website that one of the benefits is that it provides better Internet service than the typical guest connections for international students. Students can use their UNCG credentials at other universities that use eduroam to log in to their WiFi networks.

Due to its scope of worldwide wireless hotspots, eduroam allows students to have access to the Internet in more places than just their home campus. Eduroam also notes that users’ credentials (username and password) are revealed only to their home institution, and not to the institution where they are logging on.

UNCG’s wireless network provides connection in most administrative, educational and residential buildings on campus, as well as outside areas such as bus stops and common outdoor areas near the dorms. It is also provided in many of the major outdoor areas such as the Elliott University Center lawn, Weatherspoon courtyard and soccer stadium stands.

The eduroam network is used by researchers from many different institutions, including community colleges, corporations and four-year colleges and universities.

As of Sept. 3, eduroam’s website reports that it has over 30,000 users for its network.


Update (Sept. 24, 2:10 p.m.):

According to UNC-Greensboro’s Information Technology Services (ITS), the wireless network UNCG-Faculty-Staff-Student will no longer be available. Eduroam will be the the preferred wireless network at the University.

ITS officials issued a statement saying that UNCG community members must update the wireless settings on their devices prior to Oct. 21 in order to avoid loosing wireless connection. For instructions on how to update devices, go to “Connecting to the Wireless Network”

ITS is available to answer questions or provide assistance; officials can be reached at 336.256.8324 or

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