City Council passes resolutions, hears grievances



Sabrina Hernandez
      Staff Writer

The Greensboro City Council meeting took place this past Wednesday at the Melvin Municipal Office Building at 4:30 p.m.

Nancy Vaughan, city mayor,  said, “I would like to echo what the city manager said between the Woman’s Championship and the Folk Festival in that the last 30 days have really been outstanding, and the volunteerism that our city staff has shown through across all of the different departments has really been amazing.”

The meeting consisted of the eight members hearing out and voting on many resolutions.

The council had a quick way of showing the results through a screen in which the name of the council appeared with the chosen vote.

The results had four options: yay, nay, abstain and recuse.

Of the many resolutions, several were notable including the resolution recognizing the week of Sept. 12-19, 2015 as National Welcoming Week.

Members of the community who were in support of this from the floor came up to the podium to speak, saying that Greensboro was a hospitable community where everyone regardless of country of origin, race or gender has been welcomed.

Councilmembers encouraged the residents of Greensboro to celebrate welcoming and coming together to build a community where everyone can contribute his or her best.

“Yes, there is one week designated for welcoming, but the way I feel about Greensboro right now, we welcome every week,” Councilwoman Marikay Abuzuiater said. “That’s something very important to state. We are like this all the time; we welcome every week and everyone.”

The City Council recognized and held Taking Pride to the Streets Day on Sept. 19 with a passing vote of 9-0.

During the public comment period, eight speakers signed up to stand at the podium. The first speaker discussed a complaint with the Greensboro Police Officers and claimed his lack of his Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

Mr. Coleman, a man in his 80s, was asked to step out of his house at 2 a.m. due to a stolen vehicle that was on his neighbor’s lawn. Coleman explained the situation within his given three minutes but was unable to finish his statement within that allotted time. The next four speakers were people of the community there to continue his statement and give their remarks.

“I don’t have a statement,” Nelson Johnson said. “I’m just here to stand with Mr. Coleman.”

Other public comments included the Paint the City Purple campaign to raise awareness for domestic violence. The organization spoke highly of the Greensboro Police Department and explained that it were working with Chief Scott.

Paint the City Purple is a two week event but will be celebrated Saturday, Oct. 31 at the Greensboro Public Library.

“I am asking the city of Greensboro, my mentor Yvonne Johnson (mayor pro tem), my friend and partner in crime Sharon Hightower (councilwoman) and of course the mayor… to help paint the city purple,” Portia Shipman, representative of Paint the City Purple, said.

In response, Vaughan and Councilman Barber spoke to see if the Greene St. Parking Deck could have the LED lights on a steady purple for the two weeks in support of Domestic Violence Awareness.

Matt Stafford, who is a member of the Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities, approached the City Council when he learned that the city charges an average of $75 to build ramps for handicaps.

He came to the council meeting hoping to take away this fee.

“Disabilities are known to cost a lot of money with medical treatments, wheelchairs,” Stafford said. “It would help a lot of people out if you got rid of this fee.”

Not only did the council members respond well by passing this 9-0, but Councilman Barber suggested that this should be renamed the Matt Stafford Resolution and was amended.

The city council meeting, which lasted over four hours, allowed the public to speak and was a day of resolutions.

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