Poets’ Pick

Featured poets from our staff and the community.

Matthew Johnson
    Sports Editor

Standing atop the roof of the world,

In hours before time, the Dignified sorcerer

Set into motion, a jumble of enigmas unfurled.

With innocence in the retinas of the ocular,

The firmament shudders in the clutter of cultures

Due to the wily schemes of a darkness abductor,

Who plans to reshape the ground and heaven-shaking thunder.

Amending the obscure and dark rubbish,

The Paradisen conductor dispatches wonders of forest luscious,

Peaks of alpine summits, shooting stars to cometh

And beastly kingdoms, so mannerly conductive.

Accommodating the acreage with a character so familiar,

Unknowingly releasing creatures who will disfigure

And haze the guiltless peace once so splendidly shimmered,

Purely perfect, perhaps the heavenly designer committed a beginner’s error.

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