Rec Center provides students personal trainers

Photo curtosey of rec center/Affiliation

Photo curtosey of rec center/Affiliation

Lindsey Dancy
   Staff Writer

Personal trainers are not just for the rich and famous. If one lacks the motivation to work out, doesn’t know how to create a personal program or has very specific training goals, they might benefit from working with a trainer. This week the Carolinian interviewed four of UNC-Greensboro’s personal trainers in an attempt to learn more about the program provided by the Rec Center, and create awareness for students.

College students around the country are constantly hitting the gym. Whether it’s running laps around the track or lifting weights in the weight room, it’s hard to deny that students and faculty alike aspire to reach the one goal: a healthier body.

It is unusually hard for the everyday person to work out without being completely clueless about one aspect or another. Working out can be an extremely daunting task, and without the knowledge of how to properly exercise as well as properly use equipment, the gym can seem almost terrifying.

UNCG’s Recreational Center has served as a social setting for most students, but for those who are truly excited about learning the do’s and don’ts of fitness, hiring a personal trainer may be the perfect choice.

Each personal trainer is certified through a nationally recognized organization and exhibits practical and intellectual competency and leadership in fitness. Personal trainers work under the direct supervision of the assistant director of fitness and fitness coordinator, and receive regular continuing education to stay up to date on fitness trends and training techniques.

Personal Trainers Lydia McCall, Christian Lee, Eric Norris and Michael Stallings serve as mentors for their respective clients, as well as student leaders within the community. They may educate their clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including general health and nutrition guidelines.

Personal Trainers range from a number of students with physical education or kinesiology majors. However, not every student who pursues an interest in physical fitness must be a health major. Trainer Michael Stallings is a parks and recreation major with a minor in communication studies.

So what qualifications are required to become a personal trainer at UNCG?

“I didn’t start training until about a year ago, but I started with the ACE program we offer here,” said McCall.

The ACE personal training course is offered through the rec center every semester for students who are interested in Personal Training. Trainers must pass the course as well as be CPR certified.

“For students ACE is one of the more affordable options, but it’s just as respected,” added McCall.

Each trainer was questioned as to what specific areas of fitness they work in. McCall responded,  “Having a general base is pretty standard.”

“The spectrum of possible client’s ranges from geriatrics all the way down to freshman,” Lee said.

Other concepts that may come into play when pursuing a job in personal training are patience, communication, professionalism and personality.

Patience is the key to a good client-trainer relationship. Trainers should understand that what works for one client may not work for another.

They should do an assessment of the client’s body during the first session. Trainers should also find a comfortable pace for their clients. Some clients may progress at a faster rate, while others may require more coaching and assistance.

Communication goes two ways — trainers and clients alike must maintain an open dialogue with one another to ensure productivity.

While having an open and friendly dialogue with the client is very important, maintaining a sense of professionalism is always the key to a happy outcome.

For those who are interested in acquiring personal training services, Spartan Boot Camp may be the perfect segway into the world of fitness.

Spartan Boot Camp is a 6-week program that meets twice a week and is designed to help students meet their strength and cardiovascular needs.

It combines a variety of training techniques that are designed to improve agility, speed, power, endurance, strength and quickness. Spartan Boot Camp is led by the school’s nationally certified personal trainers.

Spartan Boot Camp program will start Oct. 19 and run through Nov. 23 and will meet Monday and Wednesday from 5:00-6:00 p.m.

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