UNCG Students enjoy first week of Intramural Football

Roger Thomas
   Staff Writer

Last week marked the beginning of the Rec Center’s intramural season for UNC-Greensboro students.

And one of the most popular leagues, which students participate in and that is provided by the Rec Center, is flag football.

For flag football, league games were held on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday last week, and games will continue to run on those days for the next five weeks until the playoffs begin in October.

There are three different leagues for each of the playing days.

Each league has at least six teams, with games starting in the early evenings at 5pm and ending in the late night, as the final games for Monday begin at 10:00 p.m.

For the overall league, each game typically last 50 minutes to a hour, and there are 20 teams in total.

Each league features at least one free agent team for students who want to play flag football but did not organize a team.

Also prevalent on the Rec Center’s field are  a handful of fraternity teams such as Sigma Psi Epsilon and Kappa Delta Rho.

Other memorable teams, who play intramural flag football, include the Drake inspired name, “Running Through the endzone with my woes” and from the Key and Peele sketch, “Hingle Mc’Cringleberrys.”

UNCG Intramural Flag Football has been a very popular and competitive sport on campus for both the fall and spring semester.

One of the reasons why so many members of the student body enjoy getting involved in the league is due to the fact that the university does not have a football program.

After studying a couple of the games, there is no question that competition is always high with the high-scoring offenses, fast tempo action and trash talk galore provided by a lot of former football players and multi-sports athletes from high school and college transfers.

Kyle Fiore, who plays for a team called “Those Guys” and is majoring in Kinesiology and Sports Medicine, talked about the competitiveness seen out on the field.

“I think it’s pretty good. We’re definitely competing really hard against some of these other teams” Fiore said. “We just like to play hard and give our best effort.”

Fiore’s team plays in the Tuesday league.

UNCG Freshman Business Administration major Elijah Rice discussed a little about the welcoming community which students have built in the intramural leagues.

“The community is fun; it is a good environment to be,” Rice said. “You get to play with a lot of your classmates.”

For intramural sports, there are numerous reasons students play.

Many UNCG students just play because there is the opportunity to play on a team with friends.

With the ability to play with friends, intramural sports also allows relatives and siblings to remain active and share the field together.

“I choose to stay active, and it’s a good way to play with my brothers, and it is a good time for bonding,” Fiore said.

Other reasons students like to play intramural sports include simply because it gives them a chance to stay active and stay in shape.

“I play to stay active, and it’s a good way to stay healthy especially during college when we’re eating a lot of junk food” Rice said. “I [also] love the competitive edge of intramural flag football all that football brings.”

For others, like so many enraptured with the most popular sport in the country, some students just play flag football for the love of the sport of football.

Plus, it gives students the opportunity to play a sport in college while somewhat representing their school.

Intramural sports provide an excellent experience of what it is like to play athletics on a college level. Besides flag football, the Rec Center also offers other sports to play on an intramural level.

These other intramural sports include men’s and women’s Outdoor Soccer, Sand Volleyball, Indoor Volleyball, Battle Canoes and Racquetball.

Students are welcome to play as many as they would like.

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