Goodbye Boehner

Spencer Schneier
    News Editor

This past Friday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) announced his resignation.

The announcement came as lawmakers were attempting to prevent the government from shutting down Wednesday. It was particularly surprising as Boehner had not informed anyone close to him of the decision, even telling the press that he wasn’t sure until that morning.

Boehner cited the turmoil as one of the reasons he stepped down, noting that his “first job as speaker is to protect the institution.”

Many have speculated that the move came as a maneuver to prevent the government from shutting down.

One of the early names being mentioned as a candidate is California Republican and Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who has vowed to take a tougher stance on the Senate GOP and the White House. He is favored by many Tea Party members of the Republican Party.

According to a report from CNN, McCarthy is considered a favorite to win the nod for House Speaker. He has not officially declared his run.

Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) who ran against Boehner in January, also is running in this round of elections.

Representative Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, who has publicly endorsed Tom Price for the role, has said he will not run. Many in the House of Representatives were hoping he would decide to run for the speaker position.

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