Student Recreation center offers weekly kayaking sessions



Roger Thomas
  Staff Writer

Last Wednesday evening, the Rec Center held its second to last Kayak Pool Session for September at the Rosenthal Pool. The sessions are from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Rosenthal Pool is located on the second floor of the Coleman building next to the Student Recreation Center (SRC). The sessions are free for UNC-Greensboro students and SRC members. Guests are also welcome but must be accompanied by a UNCG Student or SRC member and pay a fee of $6 at the main desk of the SRC prior to participation at the pool.

There is a no drop-in format with advanced reservations that can come in anytime between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Students must bring their own swim suits or trunks and UNCG card. The SRC’s Outdoor Adventures will provide all the kayak gear to use during the sessions.

Kayaking, which is somewhat similar to canoeing, allows an individual or two to move across water as they sit in a small opening in the boat. A major difference between kayaking and canoeing is the position of the paddler sitting forward and the number of blades on the paddle. Another difference is that a kayak sits low to the water, making it easier to maneuver over fast currents. Due to kayaks’ range and adaptability, they are useful for numerous outdoor activities such as diving, fishing, hunting, wilderness exploration and search and rescue missions.

At the Rosenthal Pool, one student and one alumni member talked briefly about their experiences during the kayaking session.

Alec Stamper, a senior community recreation and event planning major, discussed why he chose to participate in the event.

“It looked like a lot of fun, and it’s a pretty demanding sport ,so I really wanted to kind of prove myself,” Stamper said. “It’s really fun adrenaline rush going rivers and going on rapids.”

Stemper also talked what he liked about the sport of kayaking.

“I like the community everyone very much; it is really helpful, and everyone wants to succeed and get better,” Stemper said. “It’s really cool being an individual sport, so it’s kind of pushing you past your comfort zone.”

UNCG alumni Travis Hauer, who studied English, talked about why he was interested in the event.

“I was drawn to work here originally by seeing the movie ‘Into The Wild’ in 2007, and I just thought I really want to do that, so I started backpacking and kayaking, so that’s how I got my job at Outdoor Adventures,” Hauer said.

Hauer also discussed some things he likes about working in a job where he spends a lot of time at the pool.

“I love working with people and love teaching them how to get in the boat and roll, that’s the primary reason for the class,’’ Hauer said. “A lot people come and they just have never been in a boat before, so it’s fun to get that experience giving someone their first lesson in a kayak.”

According to UNCG’s campus rec website, the purpose of the sessions is to introduce individuals to the sport of kayaking. Staff members will help students learn crucial skills such as paddle strokes and how to exit a capsized kayak. Additionally, staff members also teach assisted rescues and how to perform the kayak roll, which is when one independently rolls oneself upright after capsizing.

UNCG Outdoor Adventures is a program housed in the Student Recreation Center. The organization allows UNCG students to take adventure trips and clinics program.

Many of these trips allow the UNCG community the opportunity to explore many outdoor recreational activities throughout the Southeast United States. These activities and trips include backpacking, biking, canoeing, caving, hiking, rock climbing and coastal kayaking. The next event is this weekend, where they will be taking students kayaking at a local lake.

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