Carson visits Triad, speaks at church

Women’s eNews /Flickr

Women’s eNews /Flickr

Spencer Schneier
     News Editor

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson spoke this past Tuesday at Berean Baptist Church, touching on issues such as national debt and welfare.

Carson, who spoke of his upbringing in a poor family, outlined how he would plan to bring foreign corporate dollars back to the United States with a flat tax, using the revenue from said program to pay for those on welfare who are unemployed to find work.

The venue was at full capacity for the event, with some even needing to wait outside and listen on speakers.

Carson also took the opportunity to criticize “political correctness,” saying that he thinks some on the left use it as a ploy to silence those who don’t agree. He said that he believes it keeps many from voicing their opinions.

Carson was recently mired in controversy after he said he feels it would not be appropriate for a Muslim to become U.S. President. He noted that they would have to “reject the tenets of Islam” to govern in accordance with the Constitution.

A recent poll from Public Policy Polling had Ben Carson as second in the GOP primary for North Carolina, holding 21 percent of the vote. He was behind Donald Trump, who had 26 percent of the vote.

Red Alert Politics, a self-described online publication for young conservatives, reported in mid-September that Carson was the most popular Republican candidate among college students, citing a poll from Chegg, an online textbook service. They did not cite any specific figures from the poll.

North Carolina, a swing state, voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012. For this election cycle, many consider the state to be important with the News and Record reporting the high number of delegates will play a critical role. Under a new law, the winner of the primary would be eligible to take all of North Carolina’s 72 delegates.

Other Republican candidates such as Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz have all been to North Carolina as well.

For the Democrats, Bernie Sanders visited Greensboro just a few weeks ago. Hillary Clinton, widely considered to be the front-runner for the Democrats, hosted a fundraising event in Raleigh in July.

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