Verses from Matthew’s Red Journal

“The Good of a New Day”

Matthew Johnson
    Sports Editor

Swept across the blank conscious of that rediscovered hollow,

The slices of the cracks and cuts of this strange wide

Has become a spark of imagination and fire!

My swallowed-up genesis is delivered

In an illustrious daybreak,

Where the illusion of first light, touches all creation.

I hear the serenading of songbirds, with their anthems of jubilee!

They burst through to reinvigorate a shadowed soul flawed

So he can bask in the brilliance of new beginning and dreams!

On a recurring, cyclical occasion, I am remade complete

By the morning dew, cooling my exhausted and wandered feet,

Where the seasons are kept purely by the ancientness of a sun forever.

Ignited in the clear morning,

Of the first blush’s kiss of the hour’s sunlights,

Abandoned and absence are transfigured to belonging,

By the empyrean renewing its miraculous, and lengthened vaulting.

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