Kurey and Madsen discuss time on UNCG links after transfer

Kenny Mann
 Staff Writer

Women’s golf at UNC-Greensboro is underway this season, and the team has played in three tournaments this season. Their best finish, so far, was a Saturday afternoon match at Forest Oaks golf course in early October. The team finished third on that Oct. 3 afternoon.

 Both Emily Kurey and Jessica Madsen transferred from other schools to come play at UNCG. In their time at UNCG, both have enjoyed not only their time on the links, but also their time on campus. “I fell in love with the campus and all the brick buildings that reminded me of colleges up north where I am from,” Madsen said. Jessica Madsen is in her senior year, and transferred to UNCG from Daytona State.

Emily Kurey also spoke about her decision to transfer to UNCG. “Once I came back from my visit, I knew UNCG was the place I was looking for during the transfer process,” Kurey said. “I was really looking for a smaller school and one close to home. And with the athletics program, it is like a close knit family.” Kurey also touched upon how her decision was affected by the coaching staff.  

“Coach Howland was also a big factor into coming here,” said Kurey. The junior, who transferred during the semester break in spring, transferred from the University of Louisville.

Though the sports are the same, the atmosphere of collegiate athletics is completely different from school to school. And Kurey shared her thoughts about how it is like when playing on the  golf course.  “The atmosphere is unlike anything else. It’s just like when any other athlete steps onto their field, court, course. It’s almost magical,” Kurey said. “The golf course is truly my sanctuary.”

Keeping the right mindset is vital in being successful in sports, particularly in golf, both an individual and team sport. “My team and I have really worked on our mindsets with staying positive on the course and to keep fight,” Madsen said. “I have notice[d] in the year since I have been here, all of our mindsets have changed for the positive, and it has really helped our team out.”

Like any athlete who remembers their best and worst moments, every golfer has a round that sticks out the most in their mind. Regarding this memory, Kurey and Madsen both interestingly mentioned the same round.

Going back to Forest Oaks in October, Kurey described how she and the team prepared heading into the weekend.

“We were playing in a downpour during the time of hurricane Joaquin,” Kurey said. “The team had practice in this weather for the two weeks leading up to the tournament and it honestly was two of the most fun weeks of golf I have had. The tournament day was a cold, wet and rainy day. I decided to embrace it and make the most of it.”

Madsen also shared her thoughts about the same tournament. “The collegiate round that I have enjoyed the most would have to be a few weeks ago at Forest Oaks our home tournament. The weather wasn’t so great, but I fought hard and had my best college round which was really nice.”

Always trying to improve on the course, Kurey talked about some ways she will still try to lower her score while out on the links.  

“Above all, I just have to continually work on my mindset and mental approach to the game.” Kurey also said, “God gave me the ability to compete and I have been beyond blessed. Constantly reminding myself this and knowing that every chance is an opportunity and a golf score does not define you is probably at the top of the list of what I need to work on.”

Jessica Madsen spoke about some areas she believes she needs to improve on as well. “Part of my game that needs some work is my up and downs as well as my short game,” Madsen said. “I have been hitting the ball pretty well lately but I need to be able to get the ball in the hole when I am around the green”.

In regards to her current team, Kurey shared her thoughts about her teammates and how she has enjoyed her time with them. “I love my team. We have such a great group of girls and we know how to work hard and have fun in the process,” Kurey said. “The results are a direct outcome of the process, so as a whole, we just need to think about the present and let the future take care of itself.”

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