New music to look foward to in November

circa 1965:  American rock singer and songwriter Bob Dylan playing the piano and the harmonica simultaneously with the use of a harmonica holder.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

circa 1965: American rock singer and songwriter Bob Dylan playing the piano and the harmonica simultaneously with the use of a harmonica holder. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Shannon Neu
  A&E Editor

Music fans have a wide range of album releases to look forward to this month.

The works we hear from music artists are generally the finished songs they released with the intent of us hearing. We only get to hear the final product — what is left after countless hours of experimentation, decision-making and editing. Rarely do we get to hear the music that happens during the recording process.

Bob Dylan’s “The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series Vol. 12” was released on Nov. 6. The album covers the 14-month span of time during which Dylan recorded the albums “Bringing It All Back Home,” “Highway 61 Revisited” and “Blonde on Blonde.”

The latest installment from the Bob Dylan bootleg series offers an interesting perspective on Dylan’s record-making process and the artistry that goes into it.

Songs on “The Cutting Edge” include recordings of songs from the three albums, such as “I Want You,” “Like a Rolling Stone” and “She Belongs to Me,” while they were still works in progress. This album amazingly details the histories of Bob Dylan songs that listeners are familiar with.

Nov. 13 will be a big day for the mainstream hip hop scene, with the scheduled album releases of artists Jeezy and Ty Dolla $ign.

Jeezy’s “Church in These Streets,” is a follow-up to last year’s “Seen It All: The Autobiography.” It will include the single, “God,” which was released in September.

Along with the release of “God,” Jeezy also released the announcement for the upcoming album. It included a letter in the form of a sermon in which he voiced his “concerns and frustrations on what’s going on in our communities all over the world today.”

Since the release of “God,” Jeezy released something from his upcoming album each Sunday, calling the series “Sunday Service.”

In his letter, Jeezy wrote, “We are all Gods in our own right. We all have the ability to affect lives; to raise our sons and daughters to become Kings and Queens; Leaders and Prophets. To make a difference on Earth while they are here.”

Signing his letter from “Pastor Young,” there is no doubt Jeezy’s album will be politically-charged and powerful.

Ty Dolla $ign’s upcoming album, “Free TC,” has produced singles including “Only Right,” “Blasé,” “When I See Ya” and “Saved.” It includes several featured guest artists, including Fetty Wap, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Brandy, Trey Songz, Babyface and Kanye West.

The album addresses the incarceration of Ty Dolla $ign’s younger brother, Big TC. Big TC is a music artist who, according to Ty Dolla $ign, was wrongfully incarcerated on a life sentence for murder.

“Free TC” will include a song Ty and TC created from one of TC’s YouTube videos. The album will also include several recordings of conversations between the two brothers.

Through “Free TC,” Ty Dolla $ign intends to raise awareness of racial injustice in the criminal justice system through powerful music.

Lastly, Adele’s highly-anticipated album, “25,” will be released on Nov. 20.

“25,” the title a reference to Adele’s age when she began writing the album, will include her recently released single, “Hello.”

Adele originally planned to retire from music on a high note after “21.” In 2012, she announced that she was simply going to take a hiatus from music. After the birth of her son, Adele felt inspired to start writing and recording music again.

In the open letter she posted on Twitter on Oct. 21, Adele explained that “25” is meant to be a “make-up” album, as opposed to “21,” which was a “break-up” album.

“I’m making up with myself,” Adele wrote. “Making up for lost time. Making up for everything I ever did and never did.”

According to Billboard, Adele’s “25” will be a huge success, as it is expected to sell at least 1 million copies in its first week.

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